Trend of high power laser cutting machine processing technology for medium and heavy plate

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In recent years, with the maturity of domestic high-power laser cutting machine technology, the cutting process has become more and more perfect. Compared with traditional processing methods such as plasma and flame, 10,000-watt laser cutting technology is improving cutting accuracy, saving materials, reducing labor intensity and improving productivity. It has shown great advantages in terms of promoting the development of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other industries, and the innovation of processing methods has further narrowed the gap between the level of my country’s machinery industry and the international advanced level. The development of Industry 4.0 requires good products as the basis for development. As a key technology in the production process of the machinery industry, laser cutting helps to improve product quality and efficiency, making laser cutting technology one of the main directions for the development of CNC machining technology.

Development Status of Construction Machinery Industry

In the post-epidemic era, as an important tool for counter-cyclical adjustment, infrastructure investment, as an important starting point for stable growth, has effectively stimulated the demand for construction machinery. The construction machinery industry has ushered in a huge opportunity for development. At the same time, social and economic development has also promoted the adjustment of the industrial structure of the traditional machinery industry. The construction machinery industry is changing from a demand structure dominated by incremental markets to a demand structure with equal emphasis on stock market upgrades and updates, from only pursuing cost-effectiveness to high performance. , high quality, high reliability, high adaptability development. In the development process of construction machinery, the problems of complex blanking process, high labor intensity and low production efficiency of key accessories in traditional processing methods are being gradually replaced by laser processing technology. The construction machinery parts for laser cutting and laser processing are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2

Laser cutting and blanking of construction machinery parts
Figure 1 Laser cutting and blanking of construction machinery parts
Construction machinery parts processed by laser
Figure 2 Construction machinery parts processed by laser

Development Status of Agricultural Machinery Industry

With the continuous acceleration of domestic urbanization and the large transfer of rural labor force, agricultural producers and operators have increased the scale and concentration of planting. Agricultural producers and operators with large-scale planting tend to choose automated agricultural machinery to complete agricultural production, Plant protection work. In 2019, the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvesting in China has reached 70%, and the three major staple grains of wheat, corn and rice have been basically mechanized, and the promotion of comprehensive mechanization of various agricultural industries is accelerating. important role. Compared with developed countries, although the scale of my country’s agricultural machinery manufacturing industry is relatively large, the overall industry is still dominated by “low-end and low-quality”, and a large number of agricultural machinery parts manufacturers have certain limitations in scale and product processing methods. , In the production process, the traditional blanking processing method is still used, which is inefficient and cannot meet the needs of precision, which is not conducive to the overall rapid development of my country’s agricultural machinery manufacturing industry. In order to improve agricultural production efficiency, it is still necessary to apply laser blanking technology to agricultural machinery manufacturing to improve the overall quality of agricultural machinery production. The agricultural machinery parts for laser cutting and laser processing are shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4.

Laser cutting and blanking of agricultural machinery parts
Figure 3 Laser cutting and blanking of agricultural machinery parts
Laser-processed agricultural machinery parts
Figure 4 Laser-processed agricultural machinery parts

Analysis of the Status Quo of Laser Cutting Applications

At present, for construction machinery and agricultural machinery, various types of parts are involved in the processing process. The most important part is large-scale structural parts, which are usually made of steel castings and plate parts. This is not only related to It affects the overall appearance quality of the machine, but also affects the overall mechanical properties. With the development of high-strength steels in China, the market demand for yield strength steels with grades above 960MPa has been increasing, and correspondingly higher requirements have been put forward for their cutting quality. For large structural parts, due to their large volume, the machining accuracy is high, and the traditional cutting method has been difficult to ensure the cutting quality. Large-format laser cutting machines, as shown in Figure 5, have quickly been widely used for their advantages of fast cutting speed, high cutting efficiency and good cutting quality.

Large format laser cutting machine
Figure 5 Large format laser cutting machine

In the tailor-welding process of plate parts, the requirements for the welding process are relatively high, and the welding method needs to be selected according to the actual needs to ensure the quality and effect of the welding. In this context, the three-dimensional five-axis laser beveling process came into being, which can effectively process complex bevel processes such as V-shaped groove, Y-shaped groove, K-shaped groove and X-shaped groove, and better ensure the welding strength. and quality, improve processing efficiency.

With the improvement of the level of intelligence and automation technology, the laser cutting intelligent manufacturing system combines the order management and production management as shown in Figure 6 with the production links such as warehouse management and cost analysis as shown in Figure 7 to effectively improve the production of enterprises. level and production capacity to better deal with complex products.

Order Management System
Figure 6 Order Management System
Warehouse Management System
Figure 7 Warehouse Management System

Comparative analysis of processing performance

The development of new technologies must improve efficiency in order to create more value for users. Plasma arc cutting has obvious thermal effect, low precision, and the cutting surface is difficult to carry out secondary processing; while laser processing has good flexibility and can process any complex graphics, the cutting edge is less affected by heat, and the processing process is green and pollution-free.

At present, many industries such as heavy industry have been discussing and testing the use of 10,000-watt laser cutting instead of plasma arc cutting. Laser cutting has shown great advantages in improving cutting accuracy, improving cutting efficiency and reducing labor intensity. With the upgrading and industrial structure adjustment, the application of laser cutting equipment is becoming more and more extensive. As the world’s largest professional laser equipment provider with the largest shipment volume, Bond Laser has an authoritative R&D center in the industry. Mr. Yang Xuguang, the leader of the laser industry in the national scientific research institute and the drafter of the national standard for CNC machine tool cutting machines, is the general manager. Academician Jiang Huilin and his research team jointly built an academician-expert joint innovation center to provide customers with the most professional industry solutions. The perfect blanking plan helps enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Main features of laser G series

Strong adaptability

Laser G series ground rail type high-power laser cutting machine, as shown in Figure 8, can be adapted to the foundation of the existing plasma arc cutting machine on the market, and can be installed and used directly by the original foundation, which greatly saves the time and cost of foundation watering; For customers without cement foundation, there is also an optional bed base to help customers quickly enter the production state.

Ground rail type high power laser cutting machine
Figure 8 Ground rail type high power laser cutting machine

Laser head active obstacle avoidance function

Through a large number of limit tests, the laser optimizes the follow-up algorithm, senses obstacles in advance, and uses the best performance of the motor to avoid obstacles with high-speed response, effectively solving the problems of interference cutting and collision with the laser head due to the lifting of the cutting workpiece during the large-format batch cutting process, as shown in Figure 9. Show.

Laser head active obstacle avoidance
Figure 9 Laser head active obstacle avoidance

Safety protection function

In order to cope with the safety loopholes in large-format cutting, G series ground rail type high-power laser cutting machines install safety gratings on the front and rear of the beam, as shown in Figure 10. Once it is detected that a person or object enters the safe distance of the beam, the emergency will be activated immediately. Parking, effectively protect personal and equipment safety.

Safety protection grating
Figure 10 Safety protection grating

Suitable for bevel cutting

G series high-power large-format laser cutting machine can be equipped with bevel processing, as shown in Figure 11, the common bevel forms in the manufacturing process of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc. are V-shaped bevel, X-shaped bevel, K-shaped bevel Shape groove, Y-shaped groove, etc. can be perfectly processed and formed at one time.

Adapter bevel cutting
Figure 11 Adapter bevel cutting

Thick plate overheating adaptive function

The laser takes intelligent focus correction and intelligent plate calibration as the core technology, assists the intelligent cleaning function of the nozzle, and automatically calculates the focus drift of the cutting head during the long-term cutting process through algorithm optimization, so as to ensure long-term stable cutting of medium and thick plates without problems.

Plate cutting sample
Figure 12 Plate cutting sample
Trend of high power laser cutting machine processing technology for medium and heavy plate 2
Trend of high power laser cutting machine processing technology for medium and heavy plate


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