PrimaPress is the top 5 manufacturer with highly reliable metal, fiber & steel laser cutting machines with low maintenance. Our  Punching Machines are both affordable yet reliable. For professional industrial workers looking for perfect configuration and user friendliness.

We have punching press options with high speed control, low cost, safe, & very simply to operate. 
We offer a wide range of precision punching presses machines for a wide range of bending applications.
For professional punching machines looking for perfect configuration and user friendliness.



High-speed control along with fast processing are what each one of our punch presses represent and assure. The combination of automation and intelligent processing have made each PRIMAPRESS punch press a perfect fit for a wide variety of production processes.


Every one of our punch presses are designed based upon cost efficiency. Advanced technology is incorporated in every machine and demonstrated in every press. The state-of-the-art designs found within each punch press leave no time or material to waste, making our products an incredible value to your brand.


Our punch presses are designed based upon efficiency and simplicity. The innovative user interface results in the ability to multitask, which lead to a more efficient production experience. These machines are perfect for simple and complex tasks alike.

Simple and intuitive interface

7” full touch screen technology
Cutting adjustment
Automatic adjustment of cutting angle
Automatic blade gap adjustment
Sheet support feature selection
Retract function
Materials library

80 Ton Mechanical Power Press, 80ton punching machine for metal parts

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