Why to buy electro-hydraulic servo plate CNC press brake bending machine

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The advantages of the electro-hydraulic servo plate CNC press brake bending machine are described in detail as follows:

1. The main cylinders on both sides of the electro-hydraulic servo bending machine are synchronously controlled by a hydraulic control system such as a proportional electro-hydraulic servo valve and a grating ruler, which are independently limited by CNC. Feed back accurate data to ensure accurate running accuracy of the slider.

2. The hydraulic plate bending machine has high strength and good rigidity; The hydraulic double oil cylinder is driven up, the mechanical stop and the torsion shaft are synchronized, so the operation is stable and reliable, and the accuracy is high; The distance of the rear stopper and the stroke of the slider are adjusted by electric and manual means, and equipped with a digital display device, which is convenient and fast to use.

3. The CNC hydraulic plate bending machine host is equipped with a special CNC system for the bending machine; With multi step programming function, it can realize automatic operation of multi step program, continuous positioning, and automatic and accurate adjustment of rear stopper and slider position; Bending counting, real-time display of processing quantity, power off memory of the position, program and parameters of the rear stopper slider; The rear stopper adopts imported ball screw and linear guide rail, ensuring the positioning accuracy of the rear stopper and higher machining accuracy.  

4. The electro-hydraulic servo plate CNC press brake bending machine uses the servo motor as the actuator, so the motor does not act when the bending operation is not carried out and does not consume electric energy. It is a product that meets the requirements of modern environmental protection and energy conservation. The action amount of the servo motor is more controllable, so the machining accuracy is higher, which can well adapt to the production demand of the industry with increasing workpiece accuracy.

The plate CNC press brake bending machine with high cost performance is mainly embodied in the following two aspects

The cost-effective plate CNC press brake bending machine is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

1、 High degree of automation. It is used in many industries, such as auto parts (brake oil pipes, bumpers, mufflers, seats, etc.), motorcycle manufacturing, shipbuilding, boiler industry, power industry, train industry, fitness equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration, bicycle industry, steel household, bath equipment, etc. And the products produced with it are everywhere around us.

The higher the degree of automation is, the higher the production efficiency is, and the faster the return is. The equipment with high degree of automation can save a lot of labor costs, optimize the enterprise structure. The equipment with high degree of automation, simple operation, and high cost performance ratio is more in line with the development trend of the times, which is also the inevitable trend of the development of the times;

2、 Convenient operation and good user experience. The plate CNC press brake bending machine with high cost performance is more excellent in performance, intuitive in structure and convenient in debugging, which can undoubtedly save a lot of trouble for customers.


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Hello Customers

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