Why purchase a fully automatic four-roll plate hydraulic cnc rolling machine?

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The four-roll plate bending machine has the function of pre-bending the end of the plate, which can feed the metal plate at one time, and can complete the pre-bending of the plate end and the automatic rolling of the workpiece without turning around. The upper and lower work rolls are the main driving rolls, and the lifting and lowering of the rolls on both sides are hydraulically driven. Lifting displacement is controlled by sensor and PLC, automatic leveling, and screen display. With high technical level, complete functions, high precision and easy operation, it is an ideal machine for rolling round, arc, conical and special-shaped workpieces.


1. CNC intelligent numerical control system, automatic rolling, one-time forming;

2. Italian industrial automation technology, the program is stable and reliable, without interference;

3. The working rollers are all forged alloy steel, and have undergone corresponding quenching, tempering and quenching treatment; it has played a safe guarantee for the life-long use of the working rollers;

4. The hydraulic drive of the upper and lower roller shafts eliminates the phenomenon of sheet slippage and has no straight edges, which improves the rolling efficiency and increases the accuracy of automatic rolling;

The secret of the popularity of the four-roll CNC plate plate hydraulic cnc rolling machine

CNC plate bending machine is a general equipment for bending metal sheet into cylindrical, arc or other shaped workpieces. According to the principle of three points forming a circle, the relative position change and rotational movement of the workpiece are used to produce continuous plastic deformation of the plate to obtain a workpiece with a predetermined shape. CNC plate plate hydraulic cnc rolling machine is an indispensable equipment in industries such as stainless steel products, decoration, packaging, metallurgy, aircraft, automobiles, ships, containers and instruments.

The four-roll CNC plate plate hydraulic cnc rolling machine is mainly designed for wind power towers. It can be used for the production and processing of various types of wind power towers. It is also used in shipbuilding, petrochemical, aviation, hydropower, decoration, boiler and motor manufacturing industries. It has been widely used in the field to roll sheet metal into various parts such as cylinders, cones and curved plates. 

The four-roll CNC plate plate hydraulic cnc rolling machine produced by Nantong Guoji Machinery utilizes the spatial arrangement of its four rollers to minimize the appearance of remaining straight edges, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency.

When the four-roll CNC plate plate hydraulic cnc rolling machine is rolling, the position of the upper roller is fixed, and the lower roller moves straight up to clamp the steel plate. The rollers on both sides move toward the upper rollers in a straight line or in an arc to adjust the radius of curvature of the roll. The four-roller and three-roller CNC plate hydraulic cnc rolling machines have different roller movements, but the working principles are the same. They all use the principle of three-point circle to roll with different radii. However, the pre-bending straight edge and the roundness of the rounding of the four-roll CNC plate bending machine are better than those of the three-roller; in the same time period, the processing efficiency of the four-roll CNC plate bending machine is twice as large as that of the three-roll CNC plate bending machine. .

The purpose and scope of the automatic four-axis plate plate hydraulic cnc rolling machine

Fully automatic slanted four-axis plate plate hydraulic cnc rolling machine is a metal sheet bending and correction machine. Dedicated to forming and bending work of sheet metal. The pre-bending and crimping of various specifications of cylindrical and arc-shaped workpieces can be completed after one feeding, and the conical cylinder can be rolled with the help of auxiliary devices. It is also possible to carry out rough shaping work on sheet metal.

Fully automatic inclined line four-axis plate plate hydraulic cnc rolling machine, the upper roller is the driving roller, the lower roller and the side roller are driven rollers, the position of the upper roller is fixed, the lower and side rollers can be moved up and down, the upper roller is driven by hydraulic motor, the lower and side rollers The rotation is driven by the friction between the steel plate and each roller. Both the lower roller and the side roller are pushed by the oil cylinders at both ends to realize the lifting movement. The overturning and reset of the bearing body on the front side of the upper roller is performed by the overturning oil cylinder, and the bearing bodies and oil cylinders of each roller are installed in the frames at the left and right ends. The left and right racks are the main body of the fully automatic four-axis plate plate hydraulic cnc rolling machine, which adopts a welded structure and is installed on the overall base. The pushing device is the finished product that is rolled. After the overturning cylinder is turned in place, the workpiece is pushed out of the machine; all operations of the machine are carried out on the operating table.

Compared with the symmetrical three-roll plate bending machine, the fully automatic inclined four-axis plate bending machine can directly pre-bend the end of the plate without the aid of other equipment and molds, and the remaining straight edge is small; compared with the asymmetric three-roll plate bending machine , it can not turn the sheet around, but roll it into a workpiece. This not only improves the efficiency and ensures the quality of the workpiece, but also the process is simple, the operation is convenient, and the labor intensity of the workers is reduced.


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