Which industries are suitable for combined tube-sheet integrated metal fiber laser cutting machine

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The tube-sheet integrated metal fiber laser cutting machine for intelligent manufacturing can realize the cutting of various metal sheets, such as stainless steel sheet, carbon steel sheet, aluminum alloy sheet and other metal sheets in any shape, and can also meet the requirements of various types of pipes. Cutting, such as round hole cutting, square hole cutting, and irregular pattern cutting of stainless steel pipes, aluminum alloy pipes, carbon steel pipes, aluminum pipes, copper pipes, and other metal pipes. The one-machine dual-purpose tube-sheet integrated metal fiber laser cutting machine enables metal cutting machine manufacturers to save the cost of a machine, and a machine occupies a smaller plant area.

Tube-sheet integrated metal fiber laser cutting machine basically covers various metal industries, sheet metal, jewelry, glasses, mechanical equipment, lighting, kitchen and bathroom products, communications, digital products, electronic components, clocks, computer accessories, instrumentation, precision equipment, Dozens of industries including hardware molds, auto parts, craft gifts, etc. The plate and tube integrated metal fiber laser cutting machine can be said to be a machine with multiple functions, so that metal cutting machine manufacturers can cover most industries with only one machine. After buying a tube and sheet integrated metal fiber laser cutting machine, manufacturers no longer have to worry about changing industries. The machine is about to be changed.

What are the advantages of the plate and tube integrated metal fiber laser cutting machine? The plate and tube integrated metal fiber laser cutting machine can perform laser drilling, slitting and contour cutting on the surface of the tube. The equipment has high precision. Compared with the traditional processing method, the plate and tube are integrated. The advantages of metal fiber laser cutting machine cutting are:

High precision: The traditional pipe cutting is done manually, so each cut part is different, while the laser processing uses the same fixture system, the processing design is completed by the programming software, and the multi-step processing is completed at a time with high precision. In modern manufacturing, precision is of the utmost importance. Laser processing makes each part the same size;

High speed: The laser can cut several meters of pipe in one minute, which is hundreds of times higher than the traditional manual method, which means that the laser processing is highly efficient;

Batch processing: The standard pipe length is 6 meters, and the traditional processing method requires very heavy clamping, and laser processing can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters long pipe, which makes batch processing possible;

Flexibility: Laser can flexibly process various shapes, and designers can carry out complex designs, which is unimaginable under traditional processing methods;

Tube-sheet integrated machine metal fiber laser cutting machine adopts fiber laser generator, which can achieve smaller focused spot, finer cutting lines, higher work efficiency, better processing quality, and optical fiber photoelectric conversion efficiency when cutting metal. Up to about 30%, energy efficiency is higher, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, reducing expenses for manufacturers. There is no laser working gas, optical fiber transmission, no reflective lens, which can save a lot of maintenance costs.

With the rapid development of the laser industry, the tube-sheet integrated metal fiber laser cutting machine has become more and more intelligent, which speeds up and reduces costs for metal cutting manufacturers. In the direction of intelligent transformation and upgrading, the manufacturing industry bears the brunt. In the field of metal cutting, lasers play an important role in promoting industrial upgrading.


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