What Should Be Paid Attention to When Choosing High-Power Laser Cutting Machines

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At present, high-power laser cutting machines on the market have been fully popularized. Due to the gradual decline in profits from sheet metal processing, efficiency can only be improved by improving processing efficiency. Therefore, high-power laser cutting machines are becoming increasingly popular.

High power laser cutting machines have significant advantages in processing speed and cutting a wide range of sheet thickness. However, in terms of price, the higher the power of the laser cutting machine, the higher the price. So what aspects should customers pay attention to when purchasing laser cutting machines? Below, Primalaser manufacturer will analyze it for everyone.

Selection of laser cutting machine power

How to choose the power of a laser cutting machine may be the primary consideration for customers before purchasing equipment, so power is the key to determining the cutting thickness range! For example, if the customer processes 20 or less thick plates for a long time, a power of 4000W-6000W can meet the customer’s requirements. However, if the cutting thickness is mostly 10 thick, considering the equipment cost-effectiveness, the 4000W fiber laser cutting machine has great advantages. If the long-term cutting thickness is 15 thicknesses, 6000W has great advantages in terms of efficiency and cutting quality.

So, in the selection of laser cutting machine power, customers can consider the power they want to choose based on price, efficiency, and cutting quality.

Machine width of laser cutting machine

The machine tools of laser cutting machines can be divided into two types, one is a single table, and the other is a dual exchange table. A single table refers to a machine tool, while a double exchange table refers to two tables that are powered by a motor and chain driven to exchange tables. The machine tool has different sizes such as 3015 (3M * 1.5M)/4020 (4M * 2M)/6020 (6M * 2M), and this customer can choose based on the size of the sheet they cut. If the customer’s site is spacious, with a large cutting volume and high efficiency requirements, they can choose a dual exchange platform, which is very convenient and time-saving for both loading and unloading. Of course, the price of a dual exchange table is much higher than that of a single table.

Laser cutting machine price

The price of laser cutting machines is a common issue, and the price is mainly determined by the configuration of the laser cutting machine. Different laser brands, power, machine size, operating systems, cutting heads, and other core configuration brands also have significant differences in the price of laser cutting machines assembled. So when choosing laser manufacturers and considering equipment prices, it is important to choose reliable manufacturers, so that the stability and configuration of the equipment are guaranteed.

As a brand enterprise specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of laser cutting machines, Primalaser manufacturer has been committed to the production and sales of laser cutting machines since its establishment in 2002. With 17 years of equipment manufacturing experience, Primalaser manufacturer has quite mature technology in high-power areas. Currently, fiber laser cutting machines with power ranging from 750W-12000W are involved and widely used.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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