What are the control system of the metal fiber laser cutting machine and its performance characteristics

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Beckhoff System

The Beckhoff system is based on the Windows operating system. Due to the non-real-time nature of the Windows system, it is theoretically not suitable for industrial control (similar to the sudden freeze when you are operating some large-scale online games), but the Beckhoff system is combined With the system resource matching function of the Windows operating system and Twincat control software, as well as the priority setting function, Twincat can also run normally under the conditions of the collapse of the Windows operating system. It is a PLC system and can be integrated into an ordinary computer to run. Use background software to control analog signal transmission. Although the control system is old, it has good openness.

Bochu system

Bochu system is a metal fiber laser cutting machine system developed by domestic personnel for the domestic market. It is a non-closed loop open element system developed for metal fiber laser cutting machines below 2000W. This system is easy to operate and function in the use of metal fiber laser cutting machines within 1000W. Rich, simple man-machine operation and other advantages, it is widely used by most domestic metal fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers on metal fiber laser cutting machines within 3000W. After years of upgrades and experiments, it is currently the leading and stable system configuration for metal fiber laser cutting machines within 2000W. .

PA8000 system

The PA system is an open CNC system (CNC) based on PC technology. The open CNC technology represents the most cutting-edge technology in the global CNC field. Its advanced technology has been adopted by many well-known automation companies in the world, specifically for high-power The use of metal fiber laser cutting machine, years of experiment and research and development, the use of metal fiber laser cutting machine above 2000W has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, and closed loop multiple detection. 

PA8000 system

PA8000 CNC system is an open CNC system based on PC technology, specially used for high-power metal fiber laser cutting machine. It has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, and closed loop multiple detection.

product features:

◆ You can use PA’s HMI editing software and secondary development tools to customize the dedicated display interface and functions, and it is easy to create your own man-machine interface;

◆ PA compilation cycle technology allows you to integrate your own technology into the CNC kernel;

◆ PA pre-reading is 7200 segments/sec, which exceeds all CNC control systems currently on the market;

◆ You can freely choose the drive interface you like according to the customer’s preferences: digital PA SDI-Drive interface or analog /-10V interface;

◆ All general I/O bus systems can pass PCI interface card;

◆ 48 digital input points that can be used by PLC;

◆ 32 digital input points digital output that can be used by PLC;

◆ 4 axis control channels.

Bochu system

Bochu System is a relatively well-known brand in China. It mainly provides CNC system integration and product services, involving technologies in motion control, test and measurement, machine vision, industrial automation software development and embedded system design.

Bochu CypCut plane cutting software is a set of software specially developed for the deep customization of the laser cutting industry. It is easy to use, rich in functions, and suitable for various processing occasions.

product features:

◆ Automatic optimization of imported graphics: When importing external files, the original image will be automatically optimized;

◆ Concise and clear process setting: After importing the graphics, you can quickly set the lead, micro-connection, compensation and other processes, and with the batch modification function, you can quickly complete the entire board process setting;

◆ Flexible processing control bar: support floating coordinate system and workpiece coordinate system, the skills meet the requirements of flexible production, and it is also convenient to realize mass production;

◆ Abundant local statistics: It can provide abundant and timely statistics for the usage of machine tools;

◆ Accurate edge seeking assistance: support photoelectric edge seeking and capacitive edge seeking to quickly correct the deviation angle of the sheet;

◆ Dual-drive deviation self-correction: using the gantry synchronization function, the deviation of the dual-drive shaft will be corrected every time you return to the origin.

PIC system

That is, the programmable controller is a relatively complex digital system. Specifically designed for use in industrial environments. zhi It is mainly used to control a new type of industrial control device in the field of industrial control such as logic control including control parameters, electromechanical motion control or process control.


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