What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines?

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At present, fiber laser cutting machines have significant advantages over CO2 laser cutting machines and have gradually become a popular cutting equipment in the current processing market. Cutting technology is a fundamental process in sheet metal processing. So what is the reason why fiber laser cutting machines have such a large market share? Let’s give you a detailed analysis below.

Firstly, we need to understand the working principle of fiber laser cutting machines. Fiber laser cutting machines are devices that use lasers to convert electrical energy into light energy, with an electro-optic conversion rate of 30%. Then, through the cutting head, high-energy light is concentrated on the surface of the sheet metal, and the part of the sheet metal that comes into contact with the light is instantly vaporized. The cutting effect is achieved by applying CNC program displacement. Essentially, laser processing belongs to thermal cutting, which has the effect of minimal deformation compared to traditional cutting machines such as shear plates and punches.

From the customer’s perspective, the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines are mainly reflected in the following aspects

1. Economy; The fiber laser cutting machine has no other expenses in use except for a portion of electricity and consumables costs, and only requires one person to operate it. Both large-scale and small-scale production can meet the requirements. If compared to traditional punching machines, there is still a need for mold opening costs. The product is single, and if the shape of the product needs to be changed, a new mold needs to be opened. However, the flexibility of the laser cutting machine solves this problem very well, and it can be easily processed by inputting drawings into the program.

2. Practicality; The fiber laser cutting machine has high accuracy in cutting workpieces, with a maximum accuracy of less than 3 threads. Compared with traditional processing tools, it eliminates the process of secondary polishing, reduces personnel workload, and shortens delivery time. In addition, its processing materials and thickness are very extensive, and cutting stainless steel, copper aluminum, carbon steel, and aluminum alloys is not a problem. Currently, it is feasible to cover mass production thickness within 50mm.

3. Efficiency; Efficiency determines economic benefits. Fiber laser cutting machines can achieve a cutting speed of up to 100 meters per minute, which means the efficiency of completing a small workpiece is only a few seconds. Compared to traditional equipment such as plasma or wire cutting, laser cutting speed is much faster.

When choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, it is important to choose a reliable brand. Primalaser manufacturer produces a wide variety of laser cutting equipment with a wide range of formats. With years of industry experience and after-sales service, it is a trustworthy brand for everyone.


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Hello Customers

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