Vietnam customer purchased Primapress 125ton 4m torsion bar hydraulic Press Brake bending machine

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Hydraulic press brake used for metal sheets bending,have nc type(include torsion bar and qualized),cnc press brake(you can choose how many axis you want,3+1,4+1,5+1,6+1,8+1 depend on your choice).

Ms Hien,from Vietnam,she choosed the NC type press brake.

Ensure the press brake model,we need know the max thickness,length and the material of the plate you need to bend.her plate 4m length and 4mm carbon steel thickness,so i recommend the 125t4000mm press brake is enough for her work.

She is very concerned about product quality and after-sale of products,and compared with many companies,also showed us the quotation of others companies.

Tell the truth,our price is not the cheapest,but you get what you pay for,our price is not cheapest,but i can ensure our press brake worth more than what you paid for.

First,we are press brake manufacturer,not trading company,we about the price and quality,we have huge advantage,we can through the video call to show you our fatory machines,and the whole team.

Second,Primapress machines all have 2 years solid warranty, including all main parts in the paper. 

so if anything breaks, we can send you for free within the warranty time. 

for small items, we pay the DHL, for big items, we can ship by container. 

Third,Primapress have exported for many years,we are very experience,after sales team is very professional and very fast responding. if any problem, we can solve and help you quickly. 

Finally,Ms Hien is satisfied for every part she worried,and choose us for her fisrt press brake.

And she didn’t know how to use it very well before,and we have professional technicians provide one-on-one guidance,she is used very well now,and very satisfied with the machine quality.

Besides i metioned above,we can do special color or looking for you, so your machines will be special in your market. 

The customer finally paid for one Primapress 125ton 4m torsion bar hydraulic Press Brake bending machine.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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