USA Customer purchased Primapress DA69T CNC Hybrid servo press brake Bending machines

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The sheet metal hydraulic bending machine is a machine that can bend thin plates. Its structure mainly includes a bracket, a working table and a clamping plate. The working table is placed on the bracket. The working table is composed of a base and a pressing plate. The base is connected with a hinge and a clamping plate. Connected, the base is composed of a seat shell, a coil and a cover plate, the coil is placed in the recess of the seat shell, and the top of the recess is covered with a cover plate. When in use, the wire is energized to the coil, and the gravitational force is generated on the pressing plate after being energized, so as to realize the clamping of the thin plate between the pressing plate and the base. Due to the electromagnetic force clamping, the pressing plate can be made into a variety of workpiece requirements, and the workpiece with side walls can be processed, and the operation is also very simple.  So in fact, many customers need it. In 2021,10.05,  A customer from USA is very interested in our Primapress machines by recommendation of our Another USA buyers, and came to our factory to visit our machines, and signed a contract on the same day. The customer’s plan is to open a factory to produce wheelbarrows. So after seeing our machine, he was very satisfied and paid 30% of  deposit the next day. His order is DA69T CNC Hybrid servo press brake Bending machines 160ton 3200mm model.

In the process of negotiating orders, customer follow-up is very important. Some customers take a long time and even take a year or two to follow up. This process requires regular communication. Primapress is the best company who can give you best sheet metal bending and cutting machines with best services from China. Give order to Primapress, we will not let you down.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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