Ukraine purchased Primalaser 3000W sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

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First:Meet customers briefly introduce the sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

We started chatting on whatAPP in March 2021about the sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine. The customer and I first introduced the overall situation of the company. At the same time, I also asked the customer’s main needs and some requirements for machinery. According to the customer After sending a series of quotations, I am waiting for the customer’s response. And send some videos and photos of our machinery and the company’s successful cases with customers to seduce customers’ interest and more inquiries.

Second: Help customers understand all the mechanical details, and answer customer technical questions for sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

I initially determined that the customer needed a 3000W laser cutting machine, and started technical discussions with the customer. Later, the customer sent some accessories inquiries, I answered them, and told the customer why our laser cutting machine is more expensive than Shandong’s, our overall frame The structure is heavier, the overall heat treatment, and we are not an all-in-one machine, we are more stable and strong, and the Fuji Electric and raytools laser heads we use are the best configuration, and we can distribute voltage stabilizers and transformers to him for free. Help him stabilize the voltage, the general manufacturer does not deliver it here.

Third:Solve the current doubts of customers for the 3kw sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

Customers started asking if a container can be loaded? I told him that it was possible, and started to determine the price. I determined that the customer needed a 3000W 6020 countertop, and the configuration required by the customer and all the problems, including the customer’s special requirements.

Fifth: The customer pays and is in production

Later, we will confirm all the details with the customer. Here, the customer arranges to pay the deposit. We produce. After the production, we will take photos of the test machine and the customer pays the balance. The customer cares about the product details very much.

Sixth: after-sales

After receiving the machine, the customer found that the outer casing of the machine was recessed, and the dust cover was damaged, and re-sent it to the customer. Here, we arrange the wiring guidance of the mechanical equipment. We set up a WeChat after-sales group to help customers solve the wiring, installation, and commissioning of all after-sales. With decryption, now the customer’s mechanical equipment is completely ready for production use.

Primapress company persuit is to make every buyer have good machines and happy about Primapress.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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