The purpose and equipment structure of sheet metal plate steel deburring machine belt sander polishing machine

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From one to multiple workstations (passivation host), continuous planar universal machining is carried out on the same line, forming a production line for deburring parts. Or a large working disc table, the difference is that the assembly line may require two people, with the head and tail working to pick up the workpiece, while the disc work line only has one person, who can also pick up a workpiece during the loading process.

The plate steel deburring machine belt sander polishing machine

equipment can automatically adjust the deburring position and height of the parts internally, and even install more deburring tools. It can remove the burrs on the outer surface of the parts at once, and then polish the parts according to customer requirements. Deburring and polishing are completed in one go, and the deburring of parts is continuous. The time, speed, force, parameters (set on the computer board of the operating surface and can be modified at any time), including memory, can be completed by flipping the data. The equipment adopts multiple workstations for automatic indexing and positioning. Except for manual loading and unloading, all other tasks can be completed automatically because multiple workstations are used for simultaneous processing, with a short cycle and high processing efficiency.

The method settings for deburring include data, efficiency, and effectiveness. There are multiple options to adjust due to different properties and materials of burrs. For example, when flipping, the machine owner usually uses a cutting force method because it is an automatic machining method that can maintain consistent deburring effects, including color differences, and can be unified without any omissions or excessive trimming. It can also maintain a certain degree of rounded corners and chamfers. Based on the process set by oneself.

sheet metal plate steel deburring machine
sheet metal plate steel deburring machine 2
sheet metal plate steel deburring machine 3
sheet metal plate steel deburring machine 4


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