The order 300t3200 tp10s bending machine from Peru

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Our company Primapress engaged in sheet metal machine production, like bending machine, shear cutter and fiber laser cutting machine. We are a leading export merchant of these machines. It’s our principle in business to honor the contact and keep our promise. Therefore, a lot of support and appreciation has obtained, and our machines has been loved by a great number of people from all over the word, at the same time, our own market have gradually opened up with the passage of time. In fact, we are also demonstrating our business philosophy with actions.My first conversation with him was on the night of 8th April 2022. I was very happy to receive his professional inquiry about the sheet metal bending machine. In the beginning, he asked that we sell new machines or used machines.I sent to him our website and newest catalog of the bending machine for reference and told him that we are a reliable bending machine supplier with more than 10 years experience. There is no doubt that we sell new bending machines.

After that, he told me some important information, that is bending 12mm thickness and 3200mm carbon steel, I figured out the tonnage and recommended 300t 3200 hydraulic press brake machine for him. In addition, I provided some videos and pictures in order to learn more about details of our press brake.

Then, the next day, when I went back to the offices in the morning, our formal quotation was beet sent to him at the first time. The client is very friendly and attentive. We had a nice call about 300t 3200 bending machine. But other besides, Mr. Juan wrote his kind feedback and modifications in my quotation with double language, English and Spanish. I am very appreciate his patience and reply. I sincerely feel that he is very professional and nice. For us, he is one of the best Partner.

After three months of talking, our company gave the best and professional suggestion for him and confirming the final configuration and equipment. In the end, we made this order at the best price.

As a qualified salesman, as long as we show our professionalism to customers and provide accurate information, the order will come in the near future. I believe we will go further and further…

The order 300t3200 tp10s bending machine from Peru 1
The order 300t3200 tp10s bending machine from Peru 2
The order 300t3200 tp10s bending machine from Peru 3
The order 300t3200 tp10s bending machine from Peru 4


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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