The main part functions and purchasing instructions of the fiber metal laser cutting machine

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The functions of the metal fiber laser cutting machine parts are as follows:

1. Body: The main part of the metal fiber laser cutting machine realizes the movement of X, Y and Z axis, including the cutting work platform. The working bed is used to load the working material according to the control program and move it accurately and correctly.

2. Laser source: a device used to generate a laser beam source.

3. External light path: The mirror is used to guide the laser beam to the right direction. In order to prevent the beam path from malfunctioning, all mirrors should be protected by protective notches to prevent the lens from being contaminated.

4. Control system: Control the movement of X, Y, Z axis, and control the output of laser power at the same time.

5. Voltage stabilizer: installed on the laser source, between the workbench and the mains of the power supply, to prevent interference from the external power supply network.

6. Cutting head: It mainly includes the main body of the cutting head, focusing mirror, protective glasses, capacitive sensor auxiliary air nozzle and other parts. The cutting head drive device is used to drive a separate Z axis of the cutting head according to the program. Servo motors and transmission components make up the cutting head, such as ball screws or gears.

7. Cooler group: used to cool the laser source and focusing lens, the mirror in the cutting head.

8. Gas storage tank: mainly used to provide auxiliary gas for the cutting head.

9. Air compressor and container: provide and maintain auxiliary gas for cutting.

10. Air cooling dryer, air filter: used to provide clean and dry air to the laser generator and beam path to keep the path and reflector working properly.

11. Exhaust dust collector: extract and filter the smoke and dust generated in the process to ensure that the exhaust gas discharge meets environmental protection standards.

Here are mainly the parts of the metal fiber laser cutting machine. When choosing a machine, you can consider this.

How to choose fiber metal fiber laser cutting machine?

What are the four points of choosing a fiber cleaver?

Four points to choose fiber metal fiber laser cutting machine

Laser lens:

Generally, the better the laser lens, the more laser light is reflected and the smaller the laser loss. This will help improve the photoelectric conversion rate of the laser tube cutting machine. There are two types of lenses: imported lenses and domestic lenses. Domestic lenses are divided into imported materials and domestic materials. The price gap is huge, and the use effect and service life are also very different.

Operating software

The operating software used by the metal fiber laser cutting machine is the brain of the entire device, which controls the laser generator and the vibrating lens. The light output speed of the laser generator is fast and slow. High and low optical power are controlled by software. The vibration speed and angle of the vibrating lens, and the direction of the light are controlled by the operating software. Therefore, the operating software plays an important role in the equipment. A good accessory must also be coordinated by a good software to play the greatest role.

Laser vibrating mirror

The speed and accuracy of the metal fiber laser cutting machine depend on the speed and accuracy of the vibrating lens. The temperature of the vibrating lens will be generated under working conditions. With the extension of working hours, the temperature will be higher. If the vibrating lens can not work for a long time, it will cause accuracy deviation and speed will decrease. Vibrating lens is currently the accessory with the highest failure rate of laser marking machines, so choosing high-quality vibrating lens is very important to the stability of the equipment.

Laser generator

Since the laser generator is the core part of the entire laser marking machine, its quality determines the quality of the metal fiber laser cutting machine. Generally speaking, imported lasers are better, with good beam quality and high electro-optical conversion rate. Domestic lasers are slightly inferior, but domestic lasers can also meet the needs of any industry. With the rapid development of the laser industry, the domestic technology of the metal fiber laser cutting machine is becoming more and more mature in terms of application. The current technology level is close to the international level, and the service life exceeds 3-4 years. You can also buy with confidence. Although imported laser generators will produce finer effects, they are expensive and troublesome to maintain. If there is a malfunction, you need to send it abroad. The customs declaration procedures are cumbersome and the maintenance period is long; relatively speaking, the domestic laser generator can basically meet everyone’s requirements, and the cost is low. Maintenance is simple and quick.


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