The future development trend of CNC bending machine-multilateral flexible bending machine

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The multilateral flexible bending center focuses on solving various complex sheet metal and bending problems in metal forming. Through multi-axis concurrent linkage, sheet metal operations are automatically completed, and the dependence on molds and labor is resolved from a technical perspective, which effectively improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

Easily realize the arc, press dead edge, back shape, closed shape and other complex sheet metal bending requirements.

PRIMAPRESS flexible bending center can be widely used in the field of steel cabinet shells (filing cabinets, tool cabinets, outer shields, electrical cabinets, communication cabinets, gas cabinets, water meter cabinets…), kitchen utensils (refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves… ), furniture, ventilation, refrigeration, purification, door industry, decoration, elevator and other related metal forming fields.

The advantages of the multilateral flexible bending machine are not limited by the column spacing and throat depth of the C-shaped structure frame design, and can make full use of the bending machine processing, which is more dexterous and convenient. Moreover, its servo design allows the machine to be started and stopped quickly, and the processing speed is fast, which can shorten the processing time.

The advantage of the multilateral flexible bending machine is that it can automatically realize the bending of the four sides of the plate in turn, realizing automation. The universal bending die can be used to bend the plate on both sides. Automatic positioning with numerical control positioning device, complete multilateral flexible bending in one positioning.

The main body of the multilateral flexible bending machine adopts a hybrid drive system and a high-efficiency bending machine that can be configured for step-by-step bending, three-dimensional programming, offline control, automatic manipulator work, integrated servo pump system, three cylinders to compensate for pressure at the same time, high-speed rear gear Material matching high-speed hydraulic system, higher overall efficiency.

Multilateral flexible bending machines are suitable for new energy, home appliances, electric power, western kitchens, elevators, communications, network computer cabinets, medical machinery, fashion home furnishings, sheet metal processing, etc.

Examples of the future development trend of CNC bending machines: You often need to take elevators in your life, but did you know that although many elevators are made by us, many of the machine tools used to produce elevators are imported from abroad. One of the major difficulties lies in the need to use a bending machine to produce elevators. At present, domestically-made equipment can only bend unilaterally, and manual assistance is required when it encounters multilateral flexible bending.

Many people can’t think of it. Many of the elevators that we often ride in our lives are imported.

Take the elevator door as an example. The elevator door we see seems to be a flat surface, but it is actually a “square box”. There are door panels on the outside of the elevator, and there are also door panels on the inside, which are hollow when viewed from the middle. To produce elevator doors, different door panels need to be folded to form a “square box. This is like taking a piece of paper and folding it into the shape of a box.”

Among them, folding this “square box” requires a bending machine. At present, high-end bending machines are monopolized by foreign giants. It’s not that there are no domestic enterprises that produce bending machines, but this type of bending machine can only bend unilaterally, and cannot achieve multilateral flexible bending like foreign products.

The biggest difference between a single-side bending machine and a multi-side flexible bending machine is that the production efficiency is different. Multilateral flexible bending is formed at one time, and unilateral bending requires workers to adjust one direction before bending. And so on. Most of the domestic large-scale elevator manufacturers use mature foreign CNC bending machines.

The biggest advantage of one-time molding is that it improves production efficiency. Since the single-side bending machine needs to manually adjust the direction and then bend, a lot of working time is wasted. In theory, the operating efficiency of a multilateral flexible bending machine is 4 times that of a single-sided bending machine. That is to say, one elevator can be produced by manual auxiliary single-side bending machine, and 4 sets of multilateral flexible bending machine can be produced.

Secondly, the multilateral flexible bending machine can also be used in elevator production, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other home appliance manufacturing industries.


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