Talking with Vietnamese customers about hydraulic ironworker machine

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First: email received the customer’s inquiry requirements, check the information and accurate quotation

On July 1st, we received the email inquiry from the customer in Vietnam.

Inquiry Information:

We’re would like to ask you to quote us for the following items:

1. 45 ton Hydraulic Ironworker:

– Cutting stroke: 12*180 mm;

– Maximum cutting capacity: 350*8 mm;

– Punching holes: maximum diameter 22 mm;

– Maintenance and operation materials for 02 years.

We expect a reply within 1 day. We urgently need your information. Feel free to contact us if you need further clarification.

The inquiry information directly indicates that the machine required is 45 ton Hydraulic Ironworker. The die for stamping shear is enough to meet customer requirements according to the standard configuration. Organize the quotation of Q35Y-16 and send it to the customer by email. The attachment includes pictures and videos of the relevant machine so that the customer can know more about the machine.

Second: Secondary reply docking, dealing with customer related problems

After receiving the quotation via email, the Vietnamese customers ask the following questions:

1.About Q35Y- 16 Hydraulic Ironworker:During the 2 year warranty, are there any spare parts that need to be replaced or maintained?

2.Please issue an authorized distributor certificate for us

3. Strict requirements for production time.

After carefully checking the relevant questions of the customer and checking the Authorized distributor Certificate, we know that the customer is bidding with other manufacturers. In addition, due to the tight production time, I immediately contacted the factory director to check that there is a blue and white spot machine in the factory and collate the relevant information of the spot machine. Answer customer questions as follows:

1. Relevant accessories during the 2 year warranty do not need to be replaced and repaired under normal use

2. The document of authorized distributor certificate has been checked and stamped. Please check it. In addition, in order to help you win the bidding, we will give you 5% discount price, but it is only valid this month

3. At present, there is a blue and white q35y-16 spot machine in the factory. The voltage is 415V / 50Hz / 3Ph. Please see the attachment for the detailed overall machine video and photos.

Finally: send the test run video and sign the PI

After checking the email information, the customer thanked us for our support and said that this machine would be reserved in stock, and proposed that kind send me a video of the machine cutting the workpiece Knowing the customer’s demand, we immediately arranged the factory to prepare the on-site test video and send it to the customer in time. After viewing the video of the trial run, the customer indicated that he was willing to sign a PI with us and that he would arrange payment asap.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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