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First: Ali platform received an inquiry from a Japanese customer about the bending machine, asking for details to confirm the model

In May, Ali received an inquiry about electro-hydraulic bending machine from a Japanese customer. The contents of the inquiry are as follows:

actually we need bending machine to bend Hardox 500 .thickness maximum 6mm. maximum 3 m squar.can you give me a suggestion.

In view of the particularity of the plate, according to the above plate information, the pressure of the machine should be slightly higher to meet the customer’s requirements, so the model of 160T/3200 shall prevail in the early stage, and the customer clearly requires the configuration of the highest system and the highest configuration. I will send the relevant videos and photos of the system of 160T3200 equipped with DA66T to the customer for confirmation.

After receiving the relevant videos and photos, the customer proposed:

Thank you for your video and i understand your company is trusted company.


1. is it easily to operate?

2. How do you correspond if this machine is out of order during warranty period?

3. is this machine surely to bend material Hardox 500 thickness 6mm

4. is able to change bending blade other types?

My reply to his question is as follows:

1. about the operation of the machine: the operation is simple. We will guide the customer to use the machine and system online. After debugging, the machine only needs to be started without debugging again.

2. two year warranty for the main components If the machine parts are damaged within two years, we will provide them free of charge, except for intentional damage Lifelong guidance service for machines

3. HARDOX 500 steel thickness 6mm can be bent (considering that the customer has repeatedly confirmed this problem, I suggest that you send us the plate and the bending pattern, and we will show it to you)

4. the configured quick clip can help the machine change the mold

Second: Receive the plate and bending style sent by the customer, and follow up the process again.

Send the received special plates and bending patterns to the factory in time, and arrange that the cutting and bending process of the patterns will be completed within one week. I also replied to the customer’s information in time, telling him that the plate had been received and that it was expected that the cutting and bending process would be completed within 5 days.

After receiving the updated bending and cutting video from the factory, and sent it to the customer. After checking it, the customer said “great video” and asked to upgrade the model of the machine to 250t3200.we also received the factory’s notification that da66t is out of stock at present. The alternative system is ESA s875. we updated the quotation and told the customer that ESA s875 can be selected, which has the same 3D simulation bending effect as da66t.

Finally: send the test run video and sign the PI

After consideration, the customer agreed to adopt my suggestion, informed the color and voltage of the selected machine, and agreed to sign a PI with us to complete the order.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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