South African customers buy Primapress intelligent flexible panel bending center

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One day in October 2021, I received an inquiry about a press brake bending machine from a South African customer. The content of the inquiry was: He wants to buy a press brake bending machine to produce electrical cabinets, and he needs to produce in large quantities. Then I replied to him: I asked him the max thickness and length of he needs to bend, and asked, if there is a bending drawing, send me the bending drawing together, so that we can more accurately recommend his suitable machine.

After a few days, I received the customer’s drawing. I sent the drawing to our engineer, and we came to the conclusion that this customer needs to buy a PM2500 intelligent flexible panel bending center. Then I made a quotation to the customer. I kept in touch with the customer every day, the customer would ask me some questions about the intelligent flexible panel bending center, and I would also answer his questions in detail for him.

The intelligent flexible panel bending center is a fully automatic edge folding machine, which is not only efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also can meet various bending requirements without changing tools, which greatly saves the manpower and material resources of the enterprise. the bending speed is only 0.4 seconds per knife, the equipment can automatically fold up and down 0°-90° combined bending according to the bending process, without changing the bending A variety of bending requirements can be achieved in the case of tools, saving a lot of labor and mold costs for enterprises.

The pressure arm type intelligent flexible panel bending center max processing plate size is 2500mmx1250mm, and it can control a total of 10 axes of X, Y, C, V1, V2, Z1, Z2, W1, W2, and P. 

The C-shaped pressing arm structure is adopted, and the end adopts a multi-link mechanism to drive the presser foot to press down, press the plate, and realize the feeding method of moving and rotating the plate.

After establishing a good friendship and trust with the customer, I asked the customer when he plans to buy the machine, and the customer replied that they are currently in the understanding stage, and may have plans to buy in April 2022. I keep in touch with the customer. I will update him from time to time on the news of our intelligent flexible panel bending center, and he will also ask me some questions about the machine.

In April 2022, the customer told me that they were going to buy the intelligent flexible panel bending center, let me update him with the price and details of the intelligent flexible panel bending center, and then I sent him a detailed quotation and discussed it with him a lot of machine details. About a week later, we confirmed all the items of the contract, and received the customer’s deposit shortly after.

In September 2022, the customer has received our intelligent flexible panel bending center, and with the help of our guidance, the installation and commissioning have been completed.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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