Some knowledge points about W24 series profile section bending rolling machine

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W24 series profile section bending rolling machine is mainly composed of bed part, side roller part, idler part, transmission part, electrical part, hydraulic system, mold and so on. The modified machine is an arc-down three-roll bending machine. The bed is a steel plate structure, which is treated to eliminate internal stress. The transmission of the main roller is transmitted to the power through the hydraulic system through the hydraulic motor, gear and sprocket to rotate. The two side rollers move in an arc around the central axis. The power transmitted by the hydraulic system through the hydraulic motor and gears rotates with the main roller at the same time. Arc movement to ensure the precision of rolled profiles.

The W24 series profile section bending rolling machine produced by Nantong Guoji Machinery is a three-roll full drive, which can pre-bend the end of the profile. By adjusting the guide rollers, the distortion generated during the asymmetric rolling process can be corrected. The idler straightening roller of this machine has three movements:

(1) It can do lifting movements;

(2) At the same time, it can do arc lifting motion with the lower roller;

(3) It can perform rotary motion at the same time to ensure the forming quality of the profile during the rolling process.

The whole machine of the W24 series profile section bending rolling machine has sufficient strength and rigidity, which can meet the bending of profiles within the range of the machine’s capacity, with advanced structure and reliable operation. The replacement mold can be used to bend angle steel, flat steel, square steel, channel steel, I-beam, round steel, steel pipe and other profiles.

The main mechanism and working principle of the profile section bending rolling machine

W24S series profile rounding machine belongs to the curved downward profile rounding machine. The modified equipment has the function of pre-bending the end of the profile, which can feed the plate at one time, and can complete the pre-bending of the plate end and the bending of the workpiece without turning around. The three rollers of this profile section bending rolling machine are all main drive shafts, the upper roller is in a fixed position, and the lower roller moves up and down along a certain arc. It is convenient to unload the formed workpiece after rolling. There is a mobile independent operating table, which is convenient for workers to use.

The profile section bending rolling machine is mainly composed of the following 11 parts:

1. Frame part; 2. Machine base part; 3. Upper shaft part; 4. Lower shaft part; 5. Side roller lifting cylinder; 6. Rotating cylinder; 7. Sensor part; 8. Main transmission part; 9. Electrical Part; 10. Hydraulic part; 11. Basic part

How to carry out safety inspection and application skills of profile bending machine

How to carry out safety inspection and application skills for profile bending machine Process characteristics. CNC large profile bending machine is a metal forming equipment with high quality and high efficiency. This molding technology has the advantages of good deformation conditions, good product performance, small dimensional tolerance, high material utilization rate, wide product range, and the ability to process seamless hollow rotating body parts.

The successful application of large-scale profile bending machine technology and equipment has promoted the development of cutting-edge technologies such as aviation, rockets, missiles, and artificial satellites. It has become the technical equipment and products of conventional weapons, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, electronics, light industry, civil and other industries. The parallel development of large profile bending machining and traditional machining methods has formed a new field of modern metal pressure machining.

Important: You should be very familiar with the location of the emergency stop button switch so that when you need to use it, you can click it without looking for it. Before placing the fuse, be sure to turn off the power to the machine. There is enough work space to avoid danger. Water or oil can make the ground slippery and dangerous. To prevent accidents, work floors should be kept clean and dry.

Danger: Control units, transformers, motors, junction boxes, high voltage terminals and other live parts do not touch it (or do not insulate). Otherwise, electric shock may result. Do not touch the switch with wet hands. Otherwise, electric shock may result.


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