Some common problems for the sheet metal hydraulic press brake bending machine

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Some common problems for the sheet metal hydraulic press brake bending machine

When you use the sheet metal bending machine, you should have encountered various faults. If you don’t know how to solve these problems, it will delay the production

process in our factory, such as errors in use. It may be because the outer circle of the bending is a cone, the workpiece vibrates during the bending, the mold does

not meet the requirements, and there are several reasons such as severe wear or biting. In the article, the editor will focus on the reasons for the error in the use

of the bending machine and the analysis of the oil leakage phenomenon. Let’s take a look at the article!

The reason for the error when using the bending machine:

1. The outer circle of the bend is a cone

The connection between the front and rear centers is not coaxial with the spindle axis, which is caused by the wrong position of the tailstock center of the bending machine.

2, the workpiece vibrates during bending

It may be that the tailstock sleeve of the bending machine extends too long or the support of the workpiece is too loose, it may also be that the mold is not sharp enough or

the arc is too large, or the bearing clearance of the rotary center is large or the clearance of the medium and small sliding plates is too large.

3, the mold does not meet the requirements

The bending machine mold and the main shaft axis are not on the same axis, or the circular runout caused by the wear of the bearing of the rotating center, the center hole

of the workpiece is not cleaned or the center hole is fuzzed, and the lever in the center of the mold touches the end face of the chuck and the center hole cannot be lifted. To work.

4. Severe wear or hair biting

may be caused by using a fixed center without lubricating oil or the spindle speed is too high, or the chuck of the bending machine mold is not clamped, and the

workpiece has stopped working during bending.


Analysis of the cause of the oil leakage of the bending machine:

1. The sealing ring is not suitable for the conditions of use

The O-shaped rubber seals often used in bending machines must be selected according to the operating conditions and working conditions of the equipment. Under oil

lubrication conditions, the hardness of the oil-resistant rubber O-ring seal can be low hardness when the oil pressure is less than 2.9MPa; when the oil pressure is 2.9-4.9MPa,

medium hardness should be selected; when the oil pressure is 4.9-7.8 When MPa, high hardness should be selected.

2, there is no design seal or the seal structure is unreasonable

The screw hole on the body of the bending machine is designed as a through hole, and there is no sealing measure; no sealing gasket is designed on the body cover; the clearance

between the shaft and the body hole is too large; the interference between the sealing ring and the shaft does not meet the requirements; the sealing groove

Conditions such as unreasonable design may cause the lubricant to leak out.

3. Oil leakage caused by casting defects and parts damage

(1) The castings of the bending machine have defects such as blisters, pores, cracks, and loose tissues, and no measures have been taken. These defects are often the

source of oil leakage during the use of the equipment.

(2) When the oil pipes and pipe joints of the bending machine are made of plastic or oil-resistant rubber products, the materials will age and become hard and brittle

after long-term use, causing the oil pipes and pipe joints to rupture and cause oil leakage.

(3) After long-term use of the sealing ring of the bending machine, especially those of the moving parts, the sealing performance will be lost due to friction and wear.

In addition, if the gap between the shaft and the shaft hole increases, it will also cause oil leakage.


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