Solution for cutting accuracy of steel plate fiber laser cutting machines

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If the cutting accuracy is poor, how should we solve it?

1. The thickness of the cutting material exceeds the standard. Usually, the thickness of the sheet that can be cut by a metal  steel plate fiber laser cutting machine is less than 12 thicknesses, and the thinner the sheet, the easier it is to cut.

The quality is also better. If the plate is too thick, the  steel plate fiber laser cutting machine will be more difficult to cut, and the machining accuracy will be inaccurate while ensuring cutting, thus determining the thickness coefficient of the plate.

2. The laser output power does not meet the standard. When the  steel plate fiber laser cutting machine is running and debugging, it is necessary to ensure that the laser output power meets the standard. Usually, the higher the output power of the laser, the better the cutting quality on boards of the same thickness.

3. Roughness of slices. Usually, the flatter the surface of the cutting material, the better the cutting quality.

4. The focus position is not accurate. If the focus of the  steel plate fiber laser cutting machine is not aligned, it will directly affect the cutting accuracy, so calibration should be carried out before operation.

5. Processing speed. The cutting speed of a  steel plate fiber laser cutting machine directly affects the machining accuracy. Therefore, before running, the cutting speed and material coordination should be optimal.


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Hello Customers

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