Single crank C frame JH21 power press machine Pneumatic power press machine JH21

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Single crank C frame JH21 power press machine Pneumatic power press machine JH21

Primapress exported many JH21 Series C Frame pneumatic power press machine to the world .

Pneumatic power press machine JH21 can used for Home applicance, Air conditioner, Air cooler, refrigerator, Auto parts, Automotive parts,

Car parts, Filters, Washing machine, Kitchen sinks, Kitchen products,Kitchenware,Kitchen applicance,Kitchen utensile,

Kitchen supplies, Gas stove, Gas cooker, Mobile parts, Mobile phone parts, Microwave oven, hinge etc.

the following photos are small part of primapress exported Pneumatic power press machine JH21 series,

now we have exported many than 100 nations with good quality machines.

Single crank C frame JH21 power press machine  Main Features

1)Steel welded body, tempering treatment, high rigidity, accuracy and stability;
2)Vertical located crankshaft, compact structure;
3)The crankshaft undergoes grinding treatment after high frequency quenching;
4)Lengthened rectangular guideway with a surface of bronze plate;
5)Pneumatic dual balance cylinder, which balances the slide block and punch weight to reduce noise and impact;
6)PLC control and imported safety dual valve;
7)Wet clutch and hydraulic overload protector


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