Sheet iron plate 3kw cnc fiber laser cutting machine raycus 3000w fiber laser cutter machine

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Sheet iron plate 3kw cnc fiber laser cutting machine raycus 3000w fiber laser cutter machine

Primalaser 3kw cnc fiber laser cutting machine exported to USA, 3000w fiber laser cutter machine,

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the customer purchased Primapress brand hydraulic ironworker machine in 2018, and he found Ironworker machine function is very limited.

because he has many kinds of holes work to punch, so the ironworker can not play a good role.

and he decided to buy one cnc fiber laser cut table for different holes cutting and blanking .

No wonder, the 3kw cnc fiber laser cutting table is very functional and powerful ,

it can cut max 20mm thickness sheet metal . and cnc fiber laser cutting table are Suitable for process stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel,

galvanized steel plain sheet, Ni-Ti alloy, inconel , alloy, titanium alloy etc. It is widely applied in industries like: aerosapce, car, boat, mechnical manufacturing, elevator
manufacturing, advertising manufacture, home appliance manufacturing, medical appliance, hardware, decoration, external metal processing service etc.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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