Saudi customer Order sheet metal DA69T Electric hydraulic cnc press brake 8+1 axis

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19 July 2021, get the customer’s contact information from the sales manager, then contact the customer through WhatsApp.

Ask the customer the max thinckness and length he will bend. Then recommend a suitable model(80T/2000mm press brake). The customer sent some drawings of their products and told me that the bending machine was used to bend these products, I contact the mold designer to design molds for their products, and send the mold drawings to the customer for confirmation. After confirm the model and molds, I gave the offer of the 80T/2000mm Press Brake with DA53T control system.  

July 25, 2021. The customer send me a message: ”We received your offer regarding hydraulic press brake machine. We have some points need to discuss.” The customer requires to confirm whether the work speed in the quotation is 120m/s. and also require 4 fingers with back guage. Then they required me to send the new offer with 04 fingers + addition tool set for R16 + DA66T. Reconfirm working speed.

The customer proposes how to move the 4 backstop fingers:

Q: when we will use 04 fingers then what about Z1,Z2 how they will react?

A: When you have four fingers, it’s two fingers moving together.

Q: What about distance between 02?

A: The distance between the two fingers can be designed according to your requirements.

Q: Can you share more details about axis?

A: If you want to be able to move all 4 fingers, you need 8+1.add the photos of DA69T Electric hydraulic cnc press brake 8+1 axis.

Q: You can send me revised offer DA69T Electric hydraulic cnc press brake 8+1 axis.

The send the new offer of the DA69T, 8+1 to customer, with photos and videos together. Then the customer asked us to improve the configuration of the machine

Q:First need to test your quality by bending machine. Our company can’t compromise on quality that’s why we use high quality machines. We need top quality products from your side. So you need to use top quality equipment in your DA69T Electric hydraulic cnc press brake 8+1 axis because we have many other quotation for comparison. You have time if you wants to replace some parts to improve quality of machine after that our department will start study on your quotation.

A: Our accessories are also very good. Do you want higher quality accessories ? If we replace the parts with higher quality, then the price will also increase. Is that ok with you ?

Q: We need top quality.

Then communicate with factory to use the highest quality configuration, Send pump control servo system specifications to customer, recommend the dual-servo pump control system, display them in the offer, and send it to the customer for confirmation.

Then confirm the customized mold with the customer.

Finally reached an agreement with the customer for the DA69T Electric hydraulic cnc press brake 8+1 axis machine : leave a 10% warranty and bend the samples for the customer before delivery.  Because Primapress has the big confidence on Primapress sheet metal cnc press brake machines.

Send the final quotation and make a deal. Primapress get the deposit and start to manufacture it.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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