Saudi Arabia customer orders 3000W laser cutting machine

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With the change and development of the times, laser cutting has replaced the shearing machine faster and better. More and more customers are using laser cutting machines to cut plates. Whether it is a sheet metal processing factory or a handicraft processing, this needs to be used. machine.

The laser cutting machine has many advantages. It can cut the specifications and sizes you need faster and more accurately, and it is suitable for the processing of various metal plates. Moreover, it saves manpower, speeds up the production progress and guarantees the production quality.

Our primapress has grown from a small sheet metal processing factory to a machinery manufacturer step by step. We have experienced many difficulties and hardships. There are too many stories. Today we will talk about our laser cutting machine. .

Our current machinery and equipment are exported to many countries in the world, and have been recognized by many countries step by step, including large-scale high-power lasers. We also export to the United States, Russia, and many countries in Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and we also We are getting more and more trust and support from many customers. Some customers have become repeat customers, and they have also introduced us to many customers who need laser cutting machines. Here we are very grateful for their support and enthusiasm, and we will continue to work hard to improve our Production technology and requirements, we hope that our primapress can also occupy a place in the laser market in the future.

We met on Alibaba in April this year. I contacted this customer Dino, and I am glad that he told us about the needs of the product. It is a 3000W laser cutting machine that integrates plate and tube. According to customer needs We gave a quotation, and later had a lot of discussion with the customer’s engineer on the email, and then the customer believed us and gave us a chance to send someone to visit the factory.

Immediately afterwards, the customer sent someone to visit our factory, and then did a lot of research on our factory, which verified the strength of our factory in all aspects, which enhanced the trust of my customers and me.

But I suddenly encountered a client’s vacation, and the client was on vacation, so it lasted for more than a month. I still kept in touch with the client, but the client’s order has not been placed. Finally, with our insistence, the client returned from vacation and placed Order, so the maintenance of many customers lies in persistence.

We believe that we can make our brand better in the near future, that is because we have a more tenacious belief, including our constantly updated technology and continuous research and development of product performance, which makes it stand out lost ground.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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