Rwanda customer order Primapress brand WE67K -200T 3200 DA53T 4+1 press brake macihne

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Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co,.LTD. From Argentina
WE67K -200T 3200 DA53T 4+1
August 20, 2022 This month, Mr. A, an Rwanda customer, has placed the first order in our company

This client sent me an inquiry in 2022

He said he needed a bending machine, and a shearing machine

I asked the customer about the thickness and length of the bent sheet, and the customer told me his needs

Then I told him that he could choose the 200T3200 model

The client told me that he needs to bend many different workpieces, with different sizes and different lengths

My client and I recommended DELEM’s DA53T 4+1 CNC system

And I sent the picture to the customer to verify, and the video

Customers like our machine models and pictures and videos very much after watching

I told him it’s a 4+1 CNC system, and it’s the best seller right now

The customer is very happy, but at the same time the customer is very worried about the quality of the machine, because they are used for government bidding, if there is any problem with the equipment, their factory will face bankruptcy

Government projects are often very difficult

We understand the wishes of our customers very well

I tell clients that we export a lot of equipment, not the first time

We have American agent, Russian agent, Southeast Asia agent

At the same time, I also sent a lot of pictures and videos to customers

And spent a week video chatting with customers every day, video call at factory

Give them a direct view of our factory

Finally, the customer is relieved

And we promise after-sales service for customers, as well as the warranty period of spare parts

The customer was relieved at the end, he said he would start the first order with us

If the equipment is used well in the future, they will choose our other machines, cutting machine, and fiber laser cutting machine

We received the customer’s deposit on August 20, and arranged production for him

Hope can have a long time with this  customer for a long time

The DA-50T-series offers easiest CNC programming based on the Delem graphical touch screen user interface.

The new compact DA-53T adds a state of the art complete touch control solution for synchronized press brakes.

This panel based control, standard capable of controlling up to 4 axes, can be integrated in cabinets as well as used in an optional pendulant arm housing. Its 10.1″ wide screen high resolution colour TFT, with industrial grade multi touch technology, gives access to the proven Delem userinterface. It enables direct “hot-key”touch navigation between product programming and actual production. Functions are located where needed,

offering optimised ergonomics throughout the entire application. Machine adjustment and test bends are

reduced to a minimum with a quick and easy program-to-production work sequence.

USB interfacing enables fast product and tool backup using USB memory sticks.

The standard machine control functions are Y1-Y2, X, R-axis and crowning. The second back gauge axis can also be set as the Z axis.

DA-53T features:

· “Hot-key” touch navigation

· 10.1″ high resolution colour TFT

· Up to 4 axes (Y1,Y2 + 2 aux.axes)

· Crowning control

· Tool / material / product library

· Servo and frequency inverter control

· Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed-loop as well as open-loop valves.

· TandemLink (option)

· USB memory stick interfacing

· Profile-53TL offline software


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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