Torsion bar type cnc hydraulic press brake machine small CNC Press break bending machine CT8


Torsion bar type cnc hydraulic press brake machine CNC Press break bending machine CT8

The Whole Structure of Press Brake:

■ Totally European design, streamlined looking,Monoblock,Welded steel frame rigid to deflection moment and high tensile with ST44 A1 material.

■Prima PRESS BRAKE is Equipped with the Delem user-friendly user interface,the DA-41 provides all main press brake functionality.

■Automatic tonnage and stroke adjustment for bending angles.Perfect bending results with easy angle input and operation of machine.

■ Provides CNC control of standard Y-axis X-axis Manual R-axis Z-axis.

Attachment with the machine& Machine key components list

No. 1 years spares Remark Name Origin
1- Grease gun Free of charge Asynchronous motor Siemens, Germany
2- Keys to button lock and electric cabinet lock FOC Controller CT8, Swiss
3- Foundation bolts FOC Transformer SCHNEIDER
4- O-type sealing rings FOC AC contactor SCHNEIDER
5- Combined washers FOC Circuit Breakers SCHNEIDER
6- Mobile type foot switch Servo motor Estun
7- Operation & maintenance manual In English Gear pump Siemens pump
8- Electrical diagram In English Sealing parts Valqua ,Japan
9- Operation Instruction ENGLISH

Operation Instruction(Machine)

Packing list, Instruction of System

Hydraulic Integrated Systems&valves Bosch, Germany

High positioning BACKGAUGE:

Standard X-axis travel is 500mm with third gauge step capable of gauging parts up to 600mm with standard back gauge (most machines)

■ Stable AC servo motor-driven precision X-axis back gauge with linear guide and ball bearing system.

■Back gauge fingers with two gauging steps used one for short and the other for long bending depths.

■ Back Gauge positioning fingers move along linear bearings with ±0.01 mm. positioning tolerance.

Laser Protection fence optional:

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