stainless steel CNC V Groover machine 4000mmx1250mm


stainless steel CNC V Groover machine 4000mmx1250mm

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Product Features

Advantages: conventional machine is clamps hold the sheet metal moving over the working table, so the sheet surface is very easy to be scratched. Now this machine’s biggest advantage is sheet metal fixed, has no relative motion. the work piece is protected perfectly, especially for use in mirror stainless steel plates on decoration, and so that the machine has a high processing speed.

1, Pneumatic v grooving machine

Frame structure with the overall table, mobile gantry beam also welded frame structure, the implementation of the overall welding, tempering after welding the whole, all to ensure the overall good rigidity, have to ensure that the future use is not deformed.

2, work: Overall table frame fixed and mobile gantry beam for cutting slotting, grooving speed frequency control, smooth and efficient cutting process, the cutting surface quality is good.

3, numerical control systems, slot machine adopts PLC touch screen CNC system

A color touch screen controller adopts special software, Chinese / English operation menu, simple and straightforward. Manual, automatic two working modes to choose from, fully meet the various processing requirements. Man-machine dialogue interface, easy to learn and operate, convenient processing size input, process real-time display, error alarm will automatically .

4, transmission parts

Machine is 4 axes control, the X-axis, Y1 axis, Y2 axis, Z axis. high positioning accuracy, where Y1, Y2 through the PLC synchronization system, guaranteed to always synchronized. X-axis is with inverter controlled AC gear motor. HIWIN brand high precision ball screw, helical rack and pinion driven sound small and precision.

5, press apparatus

Alone the working table, there is Pneumatic clamps. According to different material or thickness, clamping force can be adjusted.

6, efficient: 1), the machine uses three alloy knife while processing methods, thus cutting is more evenly, work piece deformation will be reduced, tool life will be longer, production costs cost will be lower.

2), according to different processing job, speed can be selected.

3), with use of square alloy blades, four cutting edges can be used, replacement convenient, greatly reducing tool change time, both to ensure the accuracy

(ITEM) PM3200 PM4000
Cutting length 3200mm 400mm
Cutting width 1250mm 1250mm
Sheet thickness 0.6-4mm 0.6-6mm
Max. Cutting speed 0-1000mm/sec 0-1000mm/sec
Max. X Dolly return speed 0-1000mm/sec 0-1000mm/sec
Y axis moving speed 20m/min 20m/min
Z axis moving speed 20m/min 20m/min
X axis control AC frequently driver control,Brand Delta AC frequently driver control,Brand Delta
Y、Z axis control Servo driver control,Brand Delta Servo driver control,Brand Delta
Linear guide and ball screw Taiwan HIWIN Taiwan HIWIN
Bearing SKF SKF
X axis motor power 3.7KM 3.7KM
Y/Y1/Z axis motor power 1.0/1.0/1.0KM 1.0/1.0/1.0KM
Oil pump 4KW 4KW
Control system Siemens PLC Siemens PLC
Cable Main Cable:Germany IGUS德国进口原 Main Cable:Germany IGUS德国进口原
Max cutting step 15 cycle 15 cycle
Machine dimension 5100*1800*1350(mm) 6100*2100*1350(mm)
Machine weight 7.2TON 9.2TON

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