solar water heater manufacturing equipment, rotary welding machine , circle seam welding machine


solar water heater manufacturing equipment, circle seam welding machine

The main features of a device:

1, the workpiece loading and unloading method: Manually place the workpiece on the bracket, the flange plate mold tightens the workpiece, the tailstock tights the workpiece.

2, the workpiece positioning method: there is a main drive box on the flange mold to the outer diameter of the barrel positioning.

3, welding method: automatic welding gas electrode protection. The welding torch is used to fix the workpiece and the welding torch completes the automatic welding of the two welds.

4, welding conditions: the workpiece required to weld firmly before welding.

5, the number of guns: 2

Second equipment description:

(1) The working process of the crew:

The operator places the workpiece on the workpiece carrier. The rack is raised by the cylinder and the flange plate mold clamps the workpiece. The top tight mold on the tailstock presses the workpiece under the action of the cylinder. The rack is lowered by the cylinder. The workpiece is rotated at the set rotation speed under the driving of the flange mold (variable frequency of the workpiece is infinitely adjustable), and the welding torch located on the welding head automatically enters the gun and triggers the arc under the action of the cylinder. When the workpiece in accordance with the set number of layers (welding seam can be adjusted according to the amount required) after the rotation of the workpiece to stop rotating while the torch under the action of the cylinder automatically stop and rise. The top tight mold located on the tailstock box retreats under the action of the air cylinder. After the flange plate mold is released, the supporting rack is automatically raised and picked up under the action of the air cylinder. Enter the second cycle. The above actions have PLC programmable program control.

(2) Equipment composition and function

The whole machine consists of base, spindle box, bracket, top axle box, gun device, beam, air circuit, and electrical control box.

The machine frame is made by tempering after the structural parts are welded together, and is mainly used to install the spindle box, bracket, and top axle box.

The main shaft box is equipped with a flange plate, a gear box, a motor, and a conductive device, etc., which mainly drive the rotation of the workpiece.

The bracket is used to facilitate the workpiece clamping. According to the diameter of the workpiece, the opening size and center height can be adjusted.

The top axle box is auxiliary to withstand the workpiece for easy rotation, the role is equivalent to the lathe tailstock.

The gun device is used to install the welding torch. The cylinder is used to drive the welding torch up and down automatically to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the workpiece.

Beam is installed into the gun device and other components, there are two support rails above, welding gun can be

Move horizontally to adjust to the desired position.

The electrical control system adopts advanced PLC control, a high degree of automation, the welding program is freely set, and can be stored.


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