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smart auto  automatic plate bending machine

Product Overview

PRIMA2500 uses a servo motor direct drive main drive, which abandons the bending method of the hydraulic station as the power source. It has remarkable characteristics and powerful functions. It has high efficiency, energy saving, noise reduction, high precision and other functions, which can achieve multilateral one-time bending Various processes such as arc forming.

The size of the processed plate is 1400x1400mm, which controls 9 axes of U, Y, C, X1, X2, W1, W2, Z1, Z2

2, 2. Main technical parameters

No. Technical Parameter Unit Bending Center Model


1 Bending length mm 2500

2 Maximum plate length mm 2500

3 Maximum sheet width mm 2500

4 Maximum bending height mm 170

5 Minimum molding size of four sides mm 400 * 250

6 The minimum forming size of one side mm 160

7 Minimum arc radius mm 1.2

8 Minimum continuous bending speed S 0.5

9 Bending angle degree 0-180

10 Number of control axes 9

11 Maximum feeding speed m / min 30

12 Equipment size mm 3700 * 3000 * 2750

13 Equipment weight T 16

16 Workbench structure / brush and universal ball

  1. Bending plate thickness range

Material properties Maximum thickness (mm)

Stainless steel (SS) 1mm

Carbon Steel (MS) 1.5mm

Aluminum plate (AL) 2.5mm

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