Sheet Metal Guillotine Shearing Machine Automatic Feeder Table For Plate Shearing Machine


Sheet Metal Guillotine Shearing Machine–Automatic Feeder Table For Plate Shearing Machine

Automatic Feeder Table For shearing machine, Scope, Specification and Standard feature

  1. Effective stroke 1500×3000mm(X), This is Max. sheet size for punching in first locating too. It’s capable to Feeding 2500 wide sheets by means of turning around the sheet in a second locating and the system assures position accuracy automatically. It has also automatic positioning of sheets. So the sheets can always be put in the right position
  2. Accuracy ±0.1mm for the distance between holes, Center linearity of holes ±0.1mm
  3. Feed Speed 25 m/min , adjustable
  4. Overall Dimension 3800×2200×620 mm(same height as shearing machine)
  5. Casting Frame, Tempered
  6. linear guideway and precision ball screw
  7. Table surface with balls or nylon brushes
  8. Pneumatic/manual Clamps(optional)
  9. Dorna actuating motor
  10. One Set of Electrical Control and Control cabinet
  11. Control System ADTECH or other brands. The system is original created, which will be upgraded periodically
  12. Automatic reposition function, better for large volume production
  13. Control Cabinet (Main Operation Desk), with industrial PC and display
  14. Power Supply: 4.5 KVA 380V/3 ph, 50Hz.(In accordance with power supply on site )
  15. PLC is Xinjie Brand and the servo motor is Beijing Huada
  16. Precision ball screw and linear rail from Taiwan
  17. Pneumatic clamping device

Sheet Metal Guillotine Shearing Machine Automatic Feeder Table For Plate Shearing Machine

Sheet Metal Guillotine Shearing Machine 2

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