Q43-120t hydraulic alligator shear,scrap metal shearing machine


Q43-120t hydraulic alligator shear,scrap metal shearing machine

1,Products name:

Q43-1200 hydraulic sheet metal shear (factory and supplier).


Q43 Series of hydraulic alligator shears are applied in recycling companies,automobile dismantling plants,smelting &casting industry to cold-shear section steel and metallic structural parts into acceptable furnace charges.


1)Adopting hydraulic drive,Q43 series feature simple operation & easy maintenance,it’s safe & reliable.

2)Shear force 9 grades from 63 to 500 tons;blade length


3)No footing bolts needed in installation;diesel engine can be equipped for power

4.Technical parameters for Q43 model alligator shear

Type Largest shearing Force(KN) Largest Holding Force(KN) Largest Bladeing Opening(mm) Blade Length(mm) Frequency of every per minute Scrap Size(mm) Power(KW) Operation
Q43-630 630 120 200 280 360 400 600 800 8-20 30×30Φ35 7.5 Manual feeding ,manual or automatic operation
Q43-1000 1000 160 280 600 10-20 40×40Φ45 15
Q43-1200 1200 200 280 600 14-24 45×5Φ50 15
Q43-1600 1600 250 320 700 12-20 55×55Φ63 18.5
Q43-2000 2000 250 380 800 12-20 70×70Φ75 22
Q43-2500 2500 260 480 1000 12-20 80×80Φ85 30
Q43-4000 4000 420 520 1200 12-20 100×100Φ85 37

5,Company Commitment:

1,Equipment free of charge for one year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

2,Customer service response time of 8 hours in China, and Network Online Service in 24 hours overseas, when necessary

3,sending technical engineers to the customer site to solve the problem.


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