CNC Hybrid Press Brake Sheet Metal Bending Machine



▪ Save labor

▪ Suitable for all kinds of large plate bending work, especially thin and large plates, which reduces the workload of operators to move heavy objects, improves bending efficiency, and reduces operator risks.

▪ Independent system module control, perfectly synchronized with the Y axis during the bending process.

▪ Automatically adjust the up and down movement according to the height of the mold and the size of the V port.

▪ Equipped with parking space to avoid the impact on the workpiece when reverse bending.

▪ Flexible and easy to use, easy to install and unload, can be moved from one device and installed on another device.

▪ Equipped with a brush station to prevent any plates from scratching, sliding or falling.

▪ Suitable for matching with various brands and models of bending machines.

▪ Independent control system, no need to modify the bending machine.



Main configuration

Name Producer
CNC controller DA69T Delem                     Holland brand
Main motor Siemens                               Germany brand
Electrical components Schneider                             France brand
Gear pump Sunny                                   USA brand
Seal ring NOK                                    Japan brand
Hydraulic system Boschrexroth                       Germany brand
Ball screw ,Linear guide HIWIN                                Taiwan brand
Grating ruler GIVI                                     Italy brand
Tubing connector EMB                                    Germany Brand
Back guage servo motor and drive Delta                                    Taiwan Brand


The standard accessories are in the below:

  1. Anchor bolt 2. Hex nut 3. Seal ring 4. Gasket 5. Grease gun 6. Allen wrench 7. Foot switch 8. Front support arms 9. Electrical box key, control panel key 10. Operation manuals

sheet metal CNC Hybrid Press Brake Front Sheet CNC Followers

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