Prima 3D laser machine INDIA


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Features of robot laser cutting machine

  1. Automatic cutting method. Integrating with Sweden ABB company robot arm realize automatic and flexible cutting, greatly reducing the human error and improving cutting efficiency. The robot arm is ABB IRB 1410 (6 axis moving, the sixth axis can reach   up to 1.44m).
  2. Flexible cutting and easy to operation. Adopting fiber transmission cutting method make cutting more flexible and realize     remote distance cutting.
  3. Non-contact cutting. It gives little stress and working force on the surface of work pieces, making work pieces keep good state and     having nice cutting effects.
  4. Suitable for cutting large bulk work pieces.
  5. Cost efficiency. The ND:YAG laser working medium makes the whole machine has lower price compared with fiber laser cutting     machine.
  6. Little maintenance. The whole machine just need to change some wearing parts for use. And maintenance cost is low.
  7. Powerful computer system. The spot cutting method makes the whole machine can weld kind of seam, straight line, arc line,     round, etc.

Technical parameter of robot laser cutting machine

Specifications of 3D Robot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Model PM-R2000
Laser Type Imported Fiber Laser
Laser Power 500W/1000W/2000W According to the material type and thickness of workpiece
Robot  specifications IRB2600-20-1.65
Weight bearing of arm ≤20kg
Max radius of arm span 1650mm
2D Working Area 3000mmX1500mm
Axis1(Rotation) 180° to -180°    175°/S
Axis2(Arm) 155° to  -95°    175°/S
Axis3(Arm) 75° to  -180°    175°/S
Axis4(Wrist) 400° to  -400°    360°/S
Axis5(Bending) 120° to  -120°    360°/S
Axis1(Turn over) 400° to  -400°    360°/S
Robot repetitive of positioning accuracy ±0.04mm
Cutting Speed 0-12m/min According to the power of the selected laser,
material type and thickness of workpiece
Cooling Mode air cooling/ water cooling According to the power of the selected laser
Robot protection lever IP67


Robot arm 3D applications Robot KR30HA
Load 30KG
Working Range 2033mm
Number of axles 6
Repeat Accuracy <±0,05 mm
Weight 665 kg
Installation location Ground
Control System KR C4


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