Plate Rolling Machine For Trailer and Marine


Performance features:

The symmetrical up roller adjust series: Up work roller can lift up and down move in vertical direction, the distance between two bottom rollers is fixed.
Up roller universal series: Up work roller can lift up and down move in vertical direction,and parallel move in horizontal direction, the distance between two bottom rollers is fixed.
With up separator series: Equipped press rollers up on up work roller, and press rollers installed in the lower part of up separator, can to improve stiffness of uproller, and up roller with small diameter at the same time, suitable to bend the workpiece with small diameters.
W11NC series coil special ship machine, mainly used for rlling ship shell arc board and pressed Corrugated bulkhead. According to customer requirements, can be designed into symmetric and asymmetric three roll plate bending machine.roller is arranged on the upper part of the rigid beam. between the upper roller and the lower crossbeam and the lower roll has a plurality of roller, to improve on the roll stiffness, three roll fully drive.


W11NC Trailer Rolling Machine Technical Parameters

Model Max. Bending thickness(mm) Max. Bending width(mm) Max. pre-rolling thickness(mm) Top roller diameter(mm) Main power(Kw)
W11NC-9x5000 9 5000 7 400 15
W11NC-8x6000 8 6000 6 430 15
W11NC-10x6000 10 6000 8 450 18.5
W11NC-10x9000 10 9000 8 530 30
W11NC-12x6000 12 6000 10 470 22
W11NC-12x9000 12 9000 10 540 37
W11NC-16x6000 16 6000 14 510 30

Description and specification given in this catalogue are subject to modification without notice.


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