Light Pole Making Cnc Hydraulic Bending Machine-Tandem Press Brake Machinery


Light pole making CNC hydraulic bending machine, tandem press brake machinery

Model 2-160/3200 2-160/4000 2-250/3200 2-250/4000 2-320/4000 2-320/6000 2-400/4000 2-400/6000 2-600/6000 2-800/6000
Nominal pressure of machine(KN) 2*1600 2*1600 2*2500 2*2500 2*3200 2*3200 2*4000 2*4000 2*6000 2*8000
Length of working Table(mm) 2*3200 2*4000 2*3200 2*4000 2*4000 2*6000 2*4000 2*6000 2*6000 2*8000
Throat depth(mm) 2550 3350 2700 3300 3300 5300 3100 5200 5200 7200
Throat depth(mm) 320 320 400 400 400 400 400 400 900 1100
Ram stroks(mm) 200 200 250 250 250 250 320 320 320 420 height between working table and ram(mm) 500 500 560 560 560 560 625 625 1100 1200
Power of main motor(kw) 2*11 2*11 2*15 2*15 2*22 2*22 2*37 2*37 2*55 2*57
Overall dimensions(mm) 2*1470 2*4545 2*4000 2*4800 2*4060 2*6060 2*4050 2*6050 2*6050 2*8050
2045 2045 2250 2250 2570 2570 3240 3240 3240 3840
3080 3080 4060 4060 4560 4560 3880 3880 3880 8000
Weight of machine(kg) 2*10200 2*11900 2*19200 2*20000 2*22000 2*27020 2*29950 2*42000 2*130000 2*190000


Light Pole Making Cnc Hydraulic Bending Machine

Light Pole Making Cnc Hydraulic Bending Machine  


—-The tandem mode is applicable to the super long work pieces processing.
—-Being used extensively in the field of engineering plant, poles and tubes production.
—–The two machines can be either operated respectively or tandemly.
—–WC67K Series using the same standard twin or triples hosts,with two-plane

—–linkage ynchronization device

—–Two-planelinkage workpiece bending machine can process expertise,especially for urban

construction,road highway under the power poles and other specialty parts processing

and manufacturing.

——special requirement can be specially designed and manufactured


Light Pole Making Cnc Hydraulic Bending MachineLight Pole Making Cnc Hydraulic Bending Machine


——Working voltage:according to consumers’ request

——Bending die toolings:according to consumers’ request

——Electrical control system:Germany Siemens or France Schneider

——Hydraulic control system:Germany Rexroth-valve or Taiwan Youshen valve

——Control system:DELEM DA52,DA56,DA65W CNC system

——Bending thickness range:0.1mm-20mm

——Bending width range:1 m-20 m

——Bending material available:Mild steel,stainless steel,aluminum steel .

Main Features

1.Overall welded and processed structure.
2.Closed loop control mode composed of electric-hydraulic servo valve and measure ruler.
3.Ensure the highest control precision, bending accuracy and repositioning accuracy are also reach to the highest level.
4.Back gauge mechanism can be multi-axes controlled.
5.Integrated hydraulic system decrease the pipe connections, oil leakage, and increase the stability and overall beautifies.
6.Worktable equipped with hydraulic and mechanical compensation to avoid the deformed upper beam from affecting the quality of the work piece, it is adjusted automatically by the CNC controller with convenient and accuracy.
7.CNC controller normally uses Holland DELEM, Italy ESA, Swiss CYBELEC, all with multi-languages.

Standrad Equipments

1.Main motor                                             Siemens               Germany
2.Servo motor and drive                               Estun Nanjing China
3.Electrics                                                  Schneider              France
4.Oil Cylinder                                              Yuhua                   Ma’anshan China
5.Seal ring                                                 FIETZ/Nok             Germany/Japan
6.Hydraulic valve                              Rexroth              BOSCH Germany
7.Pump                                             Rexroth              BOSCH Germany
8.Controller                                      DA52S                DELEM Holland
9.Toolings                                               Lianmeng                Ma’anshan China
10.Pipe connector                                       EMB                      Germany
11.Footswitch                                             Karcon                  South Korea
12.Ball screw                                               Hiwin                     Taiwan
13.Guide rail                                                Hiwin                     Taiwan
14.Grating ruler                                         Heidemhain              Germany
15.Standard axis                                         X, Y1, Y2+W
16.Stop finger with liner guide                          YES
17.Front support with liner guide                      YES
18.Side and back protection fence                    YES
19.Backgauge travel                                                500MM

Other Options

Axis, R1/R2/Z1/Z2/X2
220mm light beam at front for CE         LNTECH           China
780mm light beam at back for CE         LNTECH           China
Safety switch at back door                   Omron              Japan
Laser safty at the front                        Fiessier            Germany
Delem DA52S CNC Press Brake Controller.
1.Quick, one page programming. Hotkey navigation. 7 ” VGA colour TFT.
2.Up to 4 axis(Y1, Y2, and 2 auxiliary axis). Crowning control Tool/material/product library. USB, peripheral interfacing.
3.Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed loop as well as open loop valves.



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