IPG 2000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Price with CNC Fiber Laser Cutter Machine 2kw Price for Sale


IPG 2000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Price with CNC Fiber Laser Cutter Machine 2kw Price for Sale

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Prima brand  IPG 2000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine outshine with its fast cutting and energy efficiency abilities when especially its compared to CO2 Easy use, maintenance and service has been achieved by the high technology of Fiber Lasers. Globally recognized efficient components used in Prima Fiber Lasers add value to your company.

Incredibly fast and flexible, the Prima FIBER 2kw fiber laser cutter is ideal for ultra-high speed cutting of thin sheet materials.the Genius has the ability to cut a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals while maintaining low cost operation.

Standard Equipment:

  • IPG YLS-2000W Ytterbium Laser Resonator
  • FISCUT CypCutCNC Controller
  • Radan or Lantek CAD/CAM system
  • Switzerland Raytools head
  • Shuttle table
  • Chiller laser cooling system.
  • Automatic gas selection system
  • Smoke suction filter
  • Air conditioner for automation panel
  • Slag car for interrupted parts.
  • Automatic sheet measurement vision system (Camera based)

Optional Equipment:

  • Automatic beam centering system.
  • Linear motor technology
  • Laser Safety Barrier
  • Precitec cutting head
  • Automatic sheet metal loading and unloading system.
  • Compressor

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