Hydraulic Press Machine Y27 series, Y27 Deep drawing hyraulic press machines


Hydraulic Press Machine Y27 series, Y27 Deep drawing hyraulic press machines

Introduction to the structure and properties:

  1. it control system has adjustment, manual, semiautomatic, continuous semi-automatic mode. Process is divided into general process action and tensile process action.
    2.control of up-down stroke using cnc device.
    3.it hydraulic control system adopts the cartridge pile-up valve.
    4.The electric control system adopts PLC (programmable logic controller).
    5.the power system installed on the top of the frame.
    5.it has high descent and working speed.
    6.the machine has filter plugging, oil level, oil temperature and so on the many kinds of fault alarm indicator, and equipped with non-contact safety control device is a infrared light curtain controller.
    Application Fields  
    This machine is mainly used for sheet drawing  bending and forming. it applicable to the following fields: 1.car body parts, brake piece, oil tank, chassis, bridge shell, bumper, 2. household electric appliance: washing machine parts, electric rice cooker parts, refrigerator parts, etc.; 3.kitchen utensils: washing tank, pot of equipment, stainless steel utensils, various other containers; 4. others: tractor, motorcycle, aerospace..

Configurations of main components:

Name Brand Name Brand Equipment’s working environment:
2.1 Power supply:3Ph AC 380V ± 10% 50HZ ± (optional)
2.2 ambient temperature:-10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ 2.3 Relative Humidity: ≤ 85%The back gauge structure(our patent)
Circuit Breaker Schneider, France Security Light Curtain SENSORC, China
Intermediate Relay Schneider, France Oil Pump Quality product, Taiwan
Power Source Schneider, France Hydraulic Valve Tian Li, Beijing
Button Schneider, France Sealing Element NOK, Japan
Motor & Time Relay SIEMENS, Germany PLC MITSUBISHI, Japan
Transformer Bright, Wuxi TPC MCGS, China

Hydraulic Press Machine Y27-315t with 1000*1000mm worktable ,63ton rejector

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