Hydraulic Automatic Riveting Machine CK618 Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Factory Direct Tool Automatic Nut Bolted Rivet Punching Hydraulic Clinching Riveting Machine For Metal Steel



Hydraulic Automatic Riveting Machine Technical features:

3.1 Processing selection

This model is divided into three tonnage options: economical 4T, common 6T, and all-round 8T. All series are

Can be customized to support riveting without rivets.

3.2 Pressure riveting range

To process different products, the corresponding molds must be replaced, and the round molds are randomly distributed: nuts, screws

3.0/4.0/4.2/5.0/5.4/6.0/7.2/, flower tooth nut: M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M8.

3.3 Mechanical structure

It is composed of bed, hydraulic motor, oil pump, electromagnetic reversing valve, relief valve, and electrical control circuit.

Use the foot switch to automatically/semi-automatically control the hydraulic system through the electrical appliance as the transmission power action, and cooperate with

The actions of the machinery, PLC controller and other parts are completed by replacing the corresponding mold according to the production process requirements

Corresponding riveting, no riveting function.


Technical Parameters

Name parameter name parameter

Drive mode Full hydraulic                working speed 3CM/S

Output pressure range 0-8 tons             safety protection standard configuration

Throat depth 480mm                     laser light assisted positioning optional(light protection standard)

Throat height 360mm                     hard limit standard

Pressure repetition accuracy ±1%          anti-deflection standard configuration

Total working stroke 300mm               Motor power 5.5KW

Working adjustable stroke 180mm           equipment weight 600KG

The upper limit of the pressure holding time 9.9s

The overall dimensions of the equipment 800*750*1800mm


product description

2.1 Function: The hydraulic pressure riveting machine is mainly used for lock caps, nuts, studs, screws, solid rivets or middle rivets.

Riveting of hollow rivets, hollow rivets, sheet metal without rivets, etc.

2.2 Principle: The oil pump is driven by the motor, and the high-pressure oil is changed by the solenoid valve, and the overflow valve is adjusted.

After the electrical automatic/semi-automatic control switch, the oil cylinder is pushed up and down to realize the mold pressing and riveting up and down.

Line forming and compaction.

2.3 Scope of work: The riveting machine can rive one end of a solid nail into a flat head or a mushroom head.

The hollow nail can be rolled into a flanging effect through the mold, and it is mostly used between the sheet metal plate and the rivet.

Connection, the pressure riveting nut is squeezed by force, the nut screw and the plate are perfectly buckled together, which is widely used

Used for air duct damper, precision machinery, textile equipment, steel furniture, construction hardware, high and low voltage electrical appliances,

Many industries such as automobile and motorcycle accessories

2.4 Installation scope: This product can be customized without rivets, that is, there is no rivet between the two metal plates,

Butt welding and other forms are directly inverted and riveted together, which has the advantage of reducing the cost of rivets, preventing rust and high efficiency.

2.5 The picture of processing riveting is shown in the figure:


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