High defination CNC Plasma cutting machine with Hypertherm and Japan Panasonic servo


High defination CNC Plasma cutting machine with Hypertherm and Japan Panasonic servo

Video link: https://youtu.be/1bq8MoZLrjo

CNC plasma cutting machine applications:

It is widely used in the process of cutting metal plates in the machinery manufacturing industry, engineering industry and metal fabrication and can cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and many kinds of non-ferrous metal.
Machine features:

  •       By employing a highly-precise linear guide-rail and a double-sided motor drive system the machine works noiselessly with high speed and high precision;
  •      The Hypertherm Powermax series CNC plasma cutters have easy to use control interfaces,  detailed information with highlighted buttons and are easy to learn and operate;
  •      The machines have the function of automatically memorizing and restoring when the power is off;
  •       The machine also feature automatic arc voltage torch height control, it can adjust cutting distance automatically.
  •       The cutting table with work piece collect drawer.

After-sales Service:

  1. The whole machine we offer one year guarantee time free, without consumable parts replacement and man-made fault
  2. User-friendly English manual and video CD for machine using and maintaining
  3. My company English software can do all kinds of pattern recognition,software upgrading and updating free
  4. You are the one we CARE ABOUT! We always offer you our best service no matter when and where

Main components list:

No Items Amount Unit Remarks
1 Main motor 1 Plasma cutting
2 Driving mode optional http://panasonic.cn/ Japan Panasonic servo
3 Speed reducer 2 Quality mechanical speed reducer
4 Control system 1 http://www.starfcnc.com/ Starf CNC, Beijing
5 The transverse rack 2 http://www.hiwin.tw/ rectangular linear guide

Taiwan Hiwin

6 Longitudinal track 2 ¢25mm Precision circular orbit
7 Horizontal transmission 1 http://www.hiwin.tw/ gear rack
8 vertical transmission 2 http://www.hiwin.tw/ gear rack
9 stop block 2 Mechanical limit& Electronic limit
10 Dust treatment 1 axial flow fan
11 height-regulating device 1 http://www.starfcnc.com/ Starf CNC, Beijing
12 FASTCAM 1 Expert Edition FASTCAM
13 Optional generator 1 http://www.hypertherm.com/ USA Hypertherm 125A
14 Electrical parts www.schneider-electric.com Schneider-Electric

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