Full Electric Servo Bending Machine press brake pure electrical press brake bending machine



Primapress Full Electric Servo Bending Machine press brake

Pure electrical press brake bending machine

The Primapress ECO series is an all-electric transmission mode, and the servo motor drives the screw. It has the highest precision and the fastest processing efficiency among various series of bending machines. The patented software has good compatibility. The use is still accurate, different from the traditional bending machine that does not need oil, and the motor only runs when it is working, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and clean, and has better adaptability for customers who have higher requirements for the plant environment.

  1. Output according to the actual tonnage, saving energy and electricity.
  2. Pure electric does not need oil, environmental protection and cost saving, low noise, suitable for enterprises with high requirements in processing environment.
  3. The efficiency is increased by 100%, the speed is fast, and the output is increased.
  4. High precision, the repeatability of the fully closed-loop control slider is 0.01mm, and the repeatability of the rear gear is 0.05mm.
  5. The actual tonnage output makes the machine more durable and does not damage the knife mold.
  6. The software and hardware of the servo motor have good compatibility, the system is stable, and the machine does not stop all day.
  7. All-steel welded structure, manganese steel material has a good rebound coefficient, and the stress is relieved by vibration demagnetization, tempering and sanding treatment, and the body is stable and durable.
  8. Direct manufacturer, one-stop service, to solve customer’s knife mold design, product, automation and other problems, the whole machine is guaranteed for three years.



No Name Item P30T P20T P30T
1 Force T 30 20 70
2 Worktable mm 1250 600 1600
3 Column gap mm 1070 570 1270
4 Throat mm 300 200 300
5 Stroke mm 150 120 150
6 Open height mm 430 420 460
7 Backgauge(optional) mm 500 250 500
8 Stroke Down mm/s 200 200 200
Working mm/s 1-30 1-30 1-30
Return mm/s 200 200 200
9 Servo Power KW 7.5 7.5 7.5
Nos Set 1 1 1
10 Control Model EASY CAT ET15 or DA53T DA66T DA58T EASY CAT ET15 or DA53T DA66T DA58T DA53T DA66T DA58T
Axis 2 2 2
11 Size L mm 750 750 1500
W mm 1000 1000 1300
H mm 2100 2100 2300
12 Weight Kg 2500 1500 5500



Main configuration list

No Name Supplier
1 Servo motor Easycat
2 Linear guides Easycat
3 Ball screw Hiwin Taiwan
4 Electrics Schneider
5 Bearing shaft Luoyang
6 CNC system EASY CAT ET15 or DA53T DA66T DA58T
7 Machine body Primapress


More Features and functions

1. Finite element analysis for high rigidity design

The key mechanical parts of the machine tool use finite element analysis to analyze the deformation and safety factor to ensure the high rigidity requirements of the machine tool as a whole and the reliability of long-term use.


2. EASY CAT ET15 or DA53T DA66T DA58T

EASY CAT ET15 and DA53T DA66T DA58T CNC system is mainly used in the field of all-electric servo bending machines. It is a high-end CNC system tailored according to market demand. It has powerful functions, rich built-in resources, and features products that are safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

CNC system product features

-Reliable performance

The CNC system EASY CAT ET15 and DA53T DA66T DA58T adopts a high-end CNC system development platform and advanced sheet metal bending special algorithms and motion control algorithms. The main board adopts industrial-grade chips. The CNC system has passed EMC electromagnetic compatibility verification and high and low temperature environmental adaptability testing.

-High-speed and high-precision control

The CNC system adopts high-speed acceleration and deceleration algorithm and trajectory look-ahead algorithm. Before bending, the CNC system makes an overall planning of the motion trajectory according to the bending speed and vector characteristics, and ensures good bending accuracy while accelerating and decelerating at high speed. And soft motion characteristics, so that high speed and high precision are effectively integrated!

-High speed

The maximum fast forward speed of the Y axis is 200mm/s, and the working speed is 0-30mm/s.

-High precision

Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01mm.

-Processing consistency

The influence of oil temperature changes on the consistency of bending workpieces is avoided.


3. Energy saving and environmental protection

The CNC system EASY CAT ET15 and DA53T DA66T DA58T is mainly used in all-electric servo CNC bending machines, especially power saving and green environmental protection.

Special power saving: the difference in electricity consumption between the all-electric servo bending machine and the electro-hydraulic servo bending machine is like the difference between the inverter air conditioner and the ordinary air conditioner.

Green and environmental protection: no need to use and replace hydraulic oil, which ends the pollution of waste hydraulic oil to the environment.


4. Spindle power box

The spindle power box can transmit the bending pressure, adopts heavy-duty ball screws and bearings, ultra-long life design, and seal protection design ensures that key components are not affected by external dust.

Spindle power box/synchronizing wheel/AC servo motor

Main technical indicators and functions:

Full Electric Servo Bending Machine press brake pure electrical press brake bending machine








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