Full Automatic CNC Control 2D Wire Bending Machine Price


Full Automatic CNC Control 2D Wire Bending Machine Price

2D steel wire bending machine

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6mm steel wire  bending machine

Bending capacity : steel 2.0-6 mm

stainless 2.7-5mm

Max feeding speed:100mm/min

Max Feeding speed:2-5turns/sec

Control Panel:PLC touch screen
Accuracy feeding:± 0.5°
Servo motor power:4.5kw
Machine weight:1100kg
Machine size:2300*1000*1200mm

The Automatic Ring Making and Ring Butt Welding Machine Features

This automatic ring making and welding machine is composed of automatic feeding, automatic coiling, automatic moving, automatic welding and automatic unloading process.
The steel wire will pass through the feeding plate, and then enter into the wire feeding wheel and wire pressing wheel. The machine will conduct ring coiling. The cutter will cut the wire into certain length, then the robot arm will grab the ring and put it into welding position to conduct butt welding. At last, the robot arm will take out the ring. The whole process will be finished.

Technological process:
1. Automatic feeding ( feeding the wire)
2. Automatic coiling ( hydraulic system, wire pressing wheel)
3. Automatic moving (cylinder robot arm)
4. Automatic welding (AC pulse power/MF DC power)
5. Automatic unloading (cylinder robot arm)
6. Sound-light alarm function: the machine will give alarm when the material is used up, the power  is overpressure, the

welding current is abnormal or when the temperature is too high.
7. Counting function: the machine will sum up the number of qualified product, defective product and welding times of

8. Monitoring function: the display screen will monitor the whole process of actions and the welding currentof each welding

process. It will give alarm when the monitoring function is abnormal.

Typical Applications:

Suitable for Metal Steel Ring Making and Butt Welding.

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