DW38CNC-2A-1S cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine steel tube bending machine


DW38CNC-2A-1S DW38CNC-2A-1S cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine steel tube bending machine

DW38CNC-2A-1S cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine steel tube bending machine 2

Technical part

First, the introduction

  • Equipment use

The equipment is a CNC automatic pipe bending machine, equipped with a full function device of curved stereo space pipe fittings, and the whole pipe bending process is automatically completed.The whole machine has convenient operation, stable performance, high work efficiency, high safety coefficient characteristics, is the ideal equipment in the pipe fittings processing industry. cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine steel tube bending machine

  • Equipment characteristics cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine steel tube bending machine

2.1. Structural Form

  1. The CNC bending machine adopts the rotating arm lifting type clamping structure
  2. Adopt the hydraulic bending mode
  3. Adopt the hydraulic side push mechanism of the guide plate
  4. The hydraulic system of the machine is equipped with an air cooling device to facilitate users to control the oil temperature
  5. The bending direction of pipe fittings is overlooking clockwise direction and bending direction

2.2. Electrical control and operation interface

  1. The operation interface of the CNC hydraulic bending machine adopts the touch screen
  2. Digital display resolution: corner angle 0.1°, corner 0.01°, feed 0.1mm
  3. The control system of the CNC hydraulic bending machine is controlled by PLC
  4. Bend parameters can be set on the operation interface (preset)

2.3. CNC CNC hydraulic bending machine equipment has the following characteristics:

  1. Operating system: with a professional version of the PLC operation system
  2. It is simple and easy to learn, which is simple and guided, and the program input mode is concise and system
  3. Standard display text: Chinese / English switch (other words can be changed as required)
  4. Maximum bend program memory capacity of 2000 groups, up to 20 bends per group
  5. Direct input of bending processing parameters. The machine can be suspended in one step during automatic operation, so that special fittings can be processed manually, and automatic operation can be restored.At the same time, it has the pause function, automatic and manual function. Start with the switch after one cycle, running the next cycle, and try the emergency stop button when the emergency stop is needed.
  6. The memory storage time of the operation program and the bending program is unlimited, which will not cause the program loss due to power failure or long-term non-use.
  7. The program and data are equipped with the user password setting function. In addition to protecting the data from any change, each data can be traced back to modifiers to facilitate data management and find out the ownership of responsibility.
  8. The bending processing content data of the last 1,000 pens can be recorded to facilitate producer management.
  9. The machine is automatically processed, and the controller is still available for input or editing procedures.
  10. Transfer XYZ coordinate value to YBC processing value conversion function to facilitate the operator to try.
  11. The full length of the pipe fittings can be automatically calculated after the program input.
  12. With the function of range mirror shooting, it can obtain a symmetrical shape program quickly.
  13. With the program reverse function, it can be quickly changed to the starting point at the other end.
  14. , The input of the secondary program column with the fine-tuning correction value during the program editing, and the original processing data will not be lost due to multiple sample correction procedures.
  15. The bending program can set the speed of 0-9 in each processing step, so as to flexibly use different work objects and improve the working efficiency.Provide external speed knob to reduce or increase the processing speed.
  16. Automatic has the function of rear pulling and reciprocating switching to different pipe fittings processing requirements.
  17. With screen tools such as computer, trigonometric function calculation, curved arc length calculation functions, easy to use.
  18. Equipped with processing quantity and processing time counting function.
  19. Adopt the absolute origin system, start on again every morning or after rest, and immediately enter the working standby state without having to find the origin of each axis without complex procedures.
  20. The screen will synchronize the bending angle change of each action axis position position of the display table.
  21. When the machine is undergoing automatic processing, the controller is still available for input or editing program, which is very time-saving.
  22. In case of occasional condition or error and the machine action is suspended during the automatic processing, the machine can still choose to continue to complete the unfinished work of the pipe fittings after the condition exclusion, so as to avoid the key waste appropriately.
  23. The control program has the literal display function of automatically detecting errors and countermeasures. The messages of console failure or logical operation are directly displayed on the screen to explain the repair method to prevent human operation errors from damaging the console and reducing the maintenance difficulty.The above automatic detection of different alarm message records can be automatically stored as a then repair reference.
  • Automatic or manual mode setting function can set many different working modes with different conditions, such as different states, according to the nature of the workpiece, to improve production efficiency.
  • Multiple delay parameter set values can be set with the most appropriate time difference for each action axis to meet the needs of multiple bending changes.
  • With the automatic detection function of each button and circuit output / entry board, you can easily identify the possible fault position.
  • Machine control adopts a closed-loop control. cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine steel tube bending machine

DW 38CNC-2A-1S fully automatic pipe bending machine

  1. Graphic products
  1. Performance description
  • The bend is hydraulically driven and powerful.
  • PLC control, touch-type screen display
  • At the same time, we store multiple groups of processing procedures, and can be flexibly switched, convenient for a wide variety of product processing, and greatly improve the production efficiency.
  • It has the function of automatically detecting errors and faults. In case of any abnormal action or any danger exists, the machine will immediately stop and issue an abnormal alarm to help the operator to eliminate the fault.

3.38 Main technical parameters of C N C-2A-1S:

Main technical parameter items unit scale
Maximum bending capacity (carbon steel pipe) mm Round tube 38*2.5
Maximum stainless steel pipe is bent mm Round tube 32*1.5
Maximum bending radius mm R200
Bend Angle range degree 190
Maximum, heart-piercing, and length mm 2200
Bend pipe speed adjustable Ma*150°/S
Transducer speed adjustable Ma*200°/S
Feed speed adjustable Ma*1000mm/S
Delivery method direct sending
Data input method YBC
Number of stored parts 2000
Bend accuracy degree ±0.10°
Material delivery accuracy mm ±0.10
Corner accuracy degree ±0.10°
Transfer tube servo motor power 400W
Feed delivery servo motor power 1KW
Oil pressure motor power 5.5KW
Hydraulic system pressure Mpa 14
Machine gross weight Kg 1400
The machine size is long, * width and height Mm 3750×1230×1350

4. System configuration table

Our company’s products all choose high-quality hydraulic, electrical system configuration, to provide good machine quality and perfect after-sales service to lay a solid foundation, please rest assured to use!

name place of production
Oil pump motor Guan Shun, motor
low-voltage apparatus Schneider
PLC Mitsubishi, Japan
Feed servo motor Mitsubishi, Japan
Corner servo motor Mitsubishi, Japan
reduction box Hundt
Feed guide rail Taiwan, Shanghai Silver
Paid tooth strip Germany, Luo Sheng
proximity switch Yang Ming, Taiwan
mains switch Taiwan Ming wei
Machine tool transformer Nine Sichuan
contactor Schneider
thermal protector Schneider
Hydraulic oil pump Taiwan, hongyi
Sealing ring, O shape Taiwan dingji
fuel injection pipe Ke jia
Oil plate Uli ke
electromagnetic valve Oil research
Touch screen Taiwan, Willen

DW38CNC-2A-1S cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine steel tube bending machine 2

DW38CNC-2A-1S cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine steel tube bending machine 4

DW38CNC-2A-1S cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine steel tube bending machine 5

DW38CNC-2A-1S cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine steel tube bending machine 6

DW38CNC-2A-1S cnc hydraulic pipe bending machine steel tube bending machine 7





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