Coil NC Feeder for press punching machine , NC Feeding machines for power press


Coil NC Feeder for press punching machine , NC Feeding machines for power press

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Feature of Automatic feeder for press machine

  1. Suitable for processing feeding materials in various thickness and length.
    2. Suitable for high-speed feeding and long material processing to increase production capacity and feeding accuracy.
    3. With a simple operation panel with numerical keys for operator to easily set the length of loading materials and the loading speed, featuring fast and accurate. Length of loading material covers 0.1mm-9999.99mm.
    4. Adopted air-powered releasing device (the releasing position is accurate.) which can be used in a long time with a  low hazard rate.
    5. Slackening style can be changed according to customer requirement. (only for NCR model and NCF model.)

Structure of  PLC pneumatic automatic NC servo feeder

1,Adopted high quality and brushless servo motor as the drive to shorten the time for delivery adjustment and testing.
2. Adopted high-sensitivity decoder to ensure back-feeding accuracy and improve loading accuracy.
3. Adopted timing belt to safeguard the gap between gears to guarantee low abrasion, noiseless, free of lubrication, security and environmental protection.
4. Motor is internally installed so as to avoid possible damages caused during transportation and loading.

Its working principle: Uncoiling, feeding, punching and so on.

Model NCF-200 NCF-300 NCF-400 NCF-500
Max. feeding
200 300 400 500
Max. feeding
9999.99 9999.99 9999.99 9999.99
0.5-6.0 0.5-6.0 0.5-6.0 0.5-6.0
Mould line
100-250 100-250 100-250 100-250
Max. feeding
speed (m/min)
20 20 20 20
Slacking style Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic
Feeding capacity


4mm*200mm 4mm*300mm 4mm*400mm 4mm*500mm
5mm*150mm 5mm*200mm 5mm*200mm 5mm*350mm
6mm*80mm 6mm*100mm 6mm*100mm 6mm*200mm


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