Automatic cnc press brake bending cell 6 axis 7 axis cnc bending robot system



  1. the advantages of the automatic bending unit are by no means limited to high-efficiency production. The use of robots can greatly reduce the hidden dangers of operators, and the standard process flow also ensures the consistency of product quality.
  2. Hengjia’s automated bending solutions include gantry robots and joint robots, equipped with various grippers such as vacuum suction cups, electromagnets or mechanical grippers according to process requirements. One of its important features is its flexibility. The robot can automatically change grippers and be equipped with multiple bending machines, flexibly manage the processing sequence, and at the same time reduce the production assistance time, and can significantly improve production efficiency even for the processing of small batches of products. The robot can be installed on the ground rail or sky rail in front of the bending machine, and will not be affected when manual bending is required
name unit HR30 HR50 HR80 HR90
Rated loading capacity kg 30 50 80 130
X-axis travel mm 5000 6000 6000 6000
Y-axis travel mm woo 1350 1350 1350
A-axis travel degree +-92.5 +-92.5 +-92.5 +-92.5
C-axis travel degree +-182.5 +-182.5 +-182.5 +-182.5
Air suppiy pressure mpa 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.55
Total motor power kw 9 11.5 14 16
Machine overall dimension(length) mm 7110 8370 8370 8370
Machine overall dimension(width) mm 2500 2980 3480 3480
Machine overall dimension(height) mm 3680 4180 4180 4180
Weight of machine kg 2500 3000 3500 4000


  1. It has a compact robot structure and superior motion performance, which greatly reduces the footprint.
  2. it adopts teaching programming mode, the operation is simple and easy to learn, and it can easily realize the functions of automatic picking, automatic bending, and automatic palletizing.
  3. it is mainly used for diversified batches of large, medium and small workpieces, and can be automatically bent at will.
  4. precise positioning and good repeatability to achieve precise trajectory following during the bending process.
Product name Joint bending robot
Maximum workpiece size about 2800mm*1400mm
Maximum workpiece weight about 100kg
Maximum load capacity 165kg
Minimum sheet thickness about 0.6mm
The maximum stacking height of plates about 1200mm
Maximum stacking height of processed parts about 1200mm
The seventh axis length 4-12m (customizable)
Quick change tooling quantity 4-8 (customizable)



Automatic cnc press brake bending cell 6 axis 7 axis cnc bending robot system

Automatic cnc press brake bending cell 6 axis 7 axis cnc bending robot system 1


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