Auto Duct manufacture line 6 , duct make line u shape


Auto Duct manufacture line 6 , duct make line u shape

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Main  Features

  1. U shape structure, compact equipment arrangement, less land occupation, suitable use for small size plants.
  2. Adopt servo-driven pneumatic manipulator pushing material, with lock seams, not only fast, but also more precise positioning.
  3. Lock forming device changes the usual processing methods, save time for repetitive movement, greatly improve the production efficiency.
  4. Save labor and high efficiency, can complete one piece of “L” shape duct in 22 seconds.
  5. with production management function, with day count and total count.
  6. Use touch-screen and keyboard input dual-mode, ensure the stability of operation.
  7. Optional punching holes for reinforcing bars and laminating functions.


Mainly to complete the straight ducts for TDF flange, angle steel flange and drive cleat forming, the processing capacity is 800-2500 square meters per day. just enter the size of the ducts you need to process, then the auto duct line will complete the uncoiling, leveling, beading, notching and punching, pittsburgh lock forming, TDF flange forming, angle steel flange forming. drive cleat forming, folding and shaping. optional 8 tons or 10tons hydraulic decoiler.

Basic Configurations

  1. An electric integrated decoiler, include 4pcs of 7 tons coils(optional 8tons or 10tons of hydraulic decoiler)
  2. A support frame
  3. A main machine
  4. No.1 conveying platform
  5. Lock forming machine(pittsburgh lock platform)
  6. No.2 conveying platform
  7. Duplex TDF flange forming machine
  8. Duplex angle steel flange forming
  9. servo feeding and folding
  10. Control system

Main import Configuration:

  • MITSUBISHI Frequency Converter
  • Japan NEMICON Inverter
  • Taiwan Hydromax Pump
  • Taiwan High TemperatureResistant Tubing

Main Technical Parameters:

Model Sheeting











Weight of










PM5U-1250 0.5-1.2 1300 15 7 14000 5000 1500 30 15
PM5U-1500 0.5-1.2 1500 15 7 14000 5400 1500 30 17

Uncoiling—Straightening and Beading—Holes punching for supporting bracket (Optional)—Notching—Pittsburgh lock former

—Duplex right-angle flange former– Duplex TDF flange former—Folding


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