Auto Cnc pipe punching line 6m , tube punching machine


Auto Cnc pipe punching line 6m , tube punching machine

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1, Process introduction and advantages of punching and drilling:

  1. Automatic feeding and automatic punching after artificial feeding

2, precision of punching precision, increase the rate of finished products

  1. The labor intensity of the workers is low, the operation is simple and the labor is saved.
  2. High safety, unique structural design of machine and die safety, to ensure the safety of workers and reduce industrial accidents
  3. Program adjustment of punching spacing

6, easy maintenance, stable and mature standard parts system, convenient and easy maintenance, reduce maintenance costs. Campus is an automatic process, continuous forward clamping to send plates, to achieve the desired desired results.

Punching and drilling efficiency

  1. single flush a tube, which can basically meet the punching at any position above a tube.
  2. punching speed: 40-60 times per min..
  3. hole distance precision: 0.15
  4. the length of the punching hole of the largest workpiece: 6M

The 5. operation interface is simple and easy to learn, the idiot operation, the punching hole can not be equal distance punching, but also can equidistance punching.

  1. feeding mode: after the automatic feeding of the workpiece by hydraulic clamping, the material is sent out automatically according to the distance of the hole. The feeding mode adopts the high precision servo motor to control the feed automatically.
油缸工位/stations 2 Standard ( 3 customerized )
加工长度/length 6000 mm
设备高度/height 1680mm
设备宽度/width 860mm
设备长度/total length 6990mm
最大加工管材(max pipe size) 100x100x4
模具材料(mold material) SKH-51 mold steel
模具淬硬(mold hardness) 53HRC
整机加工/machining Totally machining by cnc lathe
驱动辊数量/drive roller amount 2
驱动系统/drive system Servo drive feeding
速度/feeding speed 25m/min max , adjustable to pipes


System and electrics
kw 7.5kw/11kw (customer choice)
Power 380V/50HZ/3PH(Optional to site)
Controller One PLC Focus controller, easy to operate

Main components (top brands)

Oil cylinder: Hailin oil tank

Seal: USA PARKER Parker hydraulic

Tubing and joint: PARKER Parker

Rack gear: Taiwan KH brand

Electrical components: Schneider / SIEMENS / CHINT

Rexroth hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic solenoid valve: Jin Hefeng

Rexroth hydraulic valve.

Die: SKH-51, Japan

Servomotor: Taiwan Delta

Servo encoder: Japanese MITSUBISHI.

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