170T DA69T 3D CNC Hybrid Synchronous Sheet Metal Press Brake Bending Machine 8+1 Axis



No Items parameters remarks
1 Nominal force 1750KN
2 Bending length 3200mm
3 Distance between 2750mm
4 Throat 410mm if you need more informations, contact Primapress sales team.
5 Stroke 200 mm
6 Max open height 420 mm
7 X,Y axis travel repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.01mm
8 Approach speed 160 mm/s
9 Working speed 120mm/s Three Speed is adjustable in DA69T controller
10 Backing speed 160 mm/s
11 Control  axis 8+1 -AXIS for Y1 , Y2 , X1,X2, R1,R2,Z1,Z2 ,-axis and v crowning axis
12 Dimension 3550x1700x2700mm Removable
13 Electrics 220V/60Hz/3Ph Optional
14 Motor 11 Kw



No. 1 Years Spares Remark Name Origin
1 Grease gun & Foot switch Free of charge Asynchronous motor Siemens, Germany,Servo motor optional
2 Keys to button lock and electric cabinet lock FOC Controller Delem DA53T, Holland
3 Foundation bolts FOC Transformer SCHNEIDER
4 O-type sealing rings FOC AC contactor SCHNEIDER
5 Combined washers FOC Circuit Breakers SCHNEIDER
6 Mobile type foot switch Servo motor Estun
7 Operation & maintenance manual In English Gear pump USA Sunny Pump
8 Electrical diagram. Operation Instruction(Machine) In English Sealing parts. Hydraulic Integrated Systems Valqua ,Japan, Bosch, Gemany
9 Packing list, Instruction of System. Certificates of quality. Quick release China Shanghai



  • Totally European design, streamlined looking
  • Taking off inner-stress of welded parts by tempering, good stability
  • Remove rust with sand-blast and coated with anti-rust paint
  • Adopt Spanish pentahedron machine center, once clamping can finish all working surfaces which will
  • guarantee dimension precision and position precision.
  • The design of the machine frame is a critical part of any machine with relation to its ability to produce accurate parts for a long period of time.
  • Frames, assembly surfaces and connection holes are machined after the welding process, up to 60′ in a single pass.
  • Supplying three front sheet supports , Finish of Nippon Polyurethane paint.



  • Upper stroke design for bending, low noise, stable operating situation , Parallel tolerance of Y1 and Y2 is 0.01mm
  • Y1,Y2 can be programmed separately can work under non-balance load, can bend cone-shape work piece
  • At bottom dead center a pressure-keeping time is offered, and can be programmed to assure precision of all kinds of work piece. Can move the ram up slowly,
  • which allows the operator to control work piece conveniently Universal fixing-surface of the upper tool can be meeting with the clamping requirement of the tool farthest!


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