Primapress sales help customer to choose the right Hydraulic press brake bending machine

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Hydraulic press brake brief introduction

Today India customer order one 80ton3200 press brake and 4*3200mm sheet metal shearing machine from pimapress. And we tried to explain many technician details with the india customer like following: 80ton3200 press brake for 3.2m length,max thickness is 3mm carbon steel.

For E21 controller system,we have button and touch screen,the function is same.

Accessory list:

1,Main motor: Siemens motor    

2,Hydraulic pump: Rethron,Germany

3, Electrics:SCHNEIDER Estun ,China

4, Sealing:NOK, Japan 5,Tools:42CrMo , All heating treatment.

6, Taiwan Hiwin ball screw, guide linear and so on.

Optional parts:

Fast clamp,quick clamp (this part function is change the mould quickly).

light protection,laser protection (When the grating is blocked, the photoelectric protection device sends out a signal to control the potentially dangerous

The machinery and equipment stop working to reduce the possibility of workers being injured in the working environment).

Mechanical crowning,if your steel plate more than 2500mm length,you can choose this part,this function is prevent plate deformation during bending.

Our customer ask:As per my understanding there will be 1 induction motor 7.5 kw for hydraulic & 2 motor will be servo for X axis & stroke adjustment right?

E21 system hydraulic press brake can control X Y two axis,have one main power,and another for backgauge.

If you want to choose NC type hydraulic press brake,we recommend our TP10S controller system,becasuse the price is not too much difference,the function will more powerful.(these two controller all belong to torsion shaft.)

The TP10S is a numerical control dedicated for press-brakes up to 5 axes ,features an intuitive touch screen user interface

It adopts the integral product structure , built-in high-performance ARM processor , and configures 10.4 inch , 800×600 dot matrix,color display screen,integrated IO ports , serial ports and USB port.

This panel based controller can be integrated in cabinets as well as used in anoptional pendulant arm housing.

Memory capacity:40 Programs;25 Steps per programo ;40 Steps per are programe ;20 Diese 6 Materials.

The above is a brief introduction to the two systems,i hope it will be helpful to you on how to choose the control system that suits you. 

Primapress company want customers buy good machines with good services.


Hello Customers

Hello Customers

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