Primapress press brake machine knowledge of molds

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1.Selection of lower mold

1.1 The size of the V-groove is usually selected with 6 times the thickness of the metal plate.

1.2 Select the lower mold according to the bending angle: when the angle is greater than or equal to 88º, the lower mold of 88º and 30º can be selected; when the angle is less than 88º, the lower mold of 30º shall be selected (measure the effective height of the upper mold: the upper mold is stressed on the upper tool holder face-to-edge distance).

2. About install the upper and lower molds, the following points should be noted.

2.1 When choosing the molds, the molds with inconsistent height can not be mixed, so as not to cause bad angle or even damage the mold, and cause industrial accident.

2.2 When selecting the molds for the edge-covered door panel, the processing quality of the product and the ease of taking it should be considered. generally, the gap between the two ends is 3-6mm .

2.3 Avoid using damaged molds to process products to avoid bad appearance.need check the straightness and flatness of the blade edge of the upper mold after installing the upper mold.

2.4 When avoiding the position, should pay attention to the place of imprinting, angle is not in place and other appearance quality problems

3.When under abnormal conditions, how to choose molds:

3.1 When pressing the line, the upper mold should use a pressure-resistant sharp knife, the lower mold should be flat and aligned, and the upperand lower mold should no step shape.

3.2 When processing the U shape, when the inner size of the opening is smaller than 6mm, it is necessary to use a gooseneck upper mold to fold it into an opening larger than the size of the second knife, and then flatten it to ensure the size, or use a special mold to form it.

3.3If there is a clear requirement for the inner R fillet of the processed product, the matching R fillet upper mold should be considered in the selection of the upper mold, (the inner R angle requires like R0.3, R1, R4, R8 or R10. ).

3.4 When processing round steel, a special mold must be selected and operated by a special person.

4. When selecting the upper or lower mold, should try to avoid splicing phenomenon, affect the appearance of the product.

  • When check the upper or lower molds, must use length ≥300mm for proofreading
  • It is forbidden to install different heght molds at the same time.

7. Before installing the molds, need check whether the limited travel of the press brake machine tool is greater than the total height of the upper and lower mold first, so as to prevent damage to the molds and cause work accidents.

Finally,we need pay attention to know press brake machine molds also need care and maintenance for longer use.


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